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How to use the trimmer correctly

How To Use The Trimmer Correctly

Cleanliness before anything….period! 

Before you get all trimmy-trimmy with your trimmer, don’t forget to wash it and make it clean and fresh. Make sure to go for a beard wash that suits your skin. The logic behind this is that clean hair is easily manageable, and when you glide your trimmer on your beard it'll give your trimmer a cleaner and smoother surface to work on. 

Selecting the right guard length

trimmer guards

You have no idea how powerful it is when you choose the right comb attachment that suits your beard. Your trimmer probably came with an array of cool-looking comb attachments, it's not just to stay in your box - use them right. Pick the right guard length and see the magic yourself. When you find your one perfect comb attachment it's nothing less than an achievement. So my friend, experiment with different lengths and look your best.

Don’t go in any direction

Okay…..picture Picasso trying to sculpt something with his eyes closed, trimming with any sense of direction is exactly like that. When you trim all willy-nilly, you'll end up with an unevenly trimmed patchy beard. Not the way you want to look, right?

Rushed Trimming

Hold your horses Flash! Are you busy saving the timelines or are you busy chasing deadlines? Rushing through the trimming process can lead to some major "oops" moments that might haunt you till your next trim. Slow and steady wins the grooming race, my friend. Take your time, and you'll look like a million bucks!

Neglecting Skin and Beard Care

Guys……we know you love your beard but show some to your skin too. It's cool to have a skincare and beard care routine. You know, trimming isn't just about style, it's about nourishing your skin and beard too. With a range of moisturizers, beard balms, and skincare kits, there's a world of products waiting to make your skin and beard feel like royalty.

Here’s how you trim your beard with a trimmer

trimming method

Getting ready for it

Get a quality beard trimmer with adjustable settings, maybe a kit with a pair of sharp scissors, a comb, and a mirror.

Find your desired length

For a uniform look, set your beard trimmer to the desired length. Have a look at your beard volume and density to be sure of the length you wish you go for. Usually starting with a longer guard to avoid cutting too much hair initially.

Start with sideburns

First off, start with your sideburns and trim them the way they grow, and blend them into your beard seamlessly. Gently shape and blend them towards the desired beard length to achieve the desired beard style.

Trim the neckline

Find your Adam's apple, use two fingers, and make a mark where your finger ends. Using this mark as your reference point, make a straight line while you’re facing up. Trim the hair below this line, keeping the edge neat and well-groomed.

Do not forget cheek line

Make a clean line along your cheek line. Define it with the edges of your Beard Trimmer. Look closely in the mirror, find the point where your beard naturally stops growing, and shape it accordingly. 

Trim and Blend

Trim in the direction your beard grows as against it might result in redness and possible skin irritation. Use steady, gentle strokes. Avoid pressing too hard. To create a seamless transition between different beard lengths, go for a shorter guard on your trimmer to trim the areas where your beard meets your moustache or sideburns.

Do not forget the post-trimming steps 

cleaning your trimmer

Clean your trimmer

A clean trimmer is a happy trimmer – and it'll keep you happy too! After your grooming adventure, it's time to show some love to your trusty companion. We'll teach you how to give it a thorough cleaning, so it's all set and ready for the next grooming escapade. 

Do something that’s skin soothing

Whether it's a refreshing splash of cool water or an aftershave. Go for anything that keeps your skin calm and bid farewell to irritation. And like that, happy and smooth skin is just a few steps away.

Use moisturiser post trimming

Now when you’re done with chopping off that beard, it's time for your skin to heal. After all the hard work and trimming, your skin deserves a reward. Go for a good moisturiser for gentle skin healing.

How often you should trim your beard

We’re sure you get this thought at least once a week. While there is no right answer to this and one size fits all solution for this, as per our observation, if you are someone with a normal-length beard, go for a 10-day stubble look. It is all about finding the correct size for your beard, maintaining and styling it every 10th day to keep it that way. It looks clean and well-groomed.


So…..wasn’t that a good read? 

Remember, trim right, and look sharp! Clean your trimmer before use, and always choose the right guard length for your perfect style. Trim with methods and not in any random direction. Take your time, do not rush. Follow the steps: sideburns, neckline, cheek line. Clean your trimmer after use. Soothe your skin with a moisturiser. Most importantly, trim every 10th day for a clean look. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the signs that indicate it is time to replace my trimmer with a new one?

A. Here are a few signs that it's time to replace your trimmer. These signs can be reduced trimming ability, too much noise or vibration, and difficulty holding a charge for a long time.

Q. Can trimmers prevent accidental cuts or injuries with their specific safety features?

A. While some trimmers have safety guards or rounded blade tips. We recommend you handle the trimmer very carefully and avoid putting too much pressure on it to prevent accidents.

Q. Can I use regular oil to maintain my trimmer's blades?

A. We suggest using the oil recommended by the manufacturer. Regular oils might cause clogging and damage to the blades of the trimmer.

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