Beard care

Everything You Need To Maintain Your Beard Right

Maintaining a good beard is not a matter of chance like you may feel when you look at cricketers, celebrities and (some of your) colleagues sporting one very casually. It takes a bunch of things to manifest, namely good genes, a healthy environment, healthy skin and the right products to keep it that way.

We at Bombay Shaving Company understand that the first two factors mentioned above aren’t in your control, but the third one can be. So, we have carefully crafted the most effective beard products for beard care that you can include in your daily routine that can help you achieve and maintain a beautiful beard, no matter what the length.

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Before we delve deeper, remember that like your thumb print every man’s beard is different. So, don’t go too harsh on yourself by comparing it with someone else’s. Just focus on doing the right thing, using the right products and do it all with consistency. Stop looking at beard grooming from the lens of individual products and focus on beard care kits and beard grooming kits. Bombay Shaving Company offers you a full range of products and men’s beard grooming kits

Beard Nourishment

Replenishing the nutrition in your beard and the skin underneath is the first step to beard care. If you spend a lot of time in the AC or engage in a lot of outdoor activities, then your beard goes through frequent changes in humidity and temperature. The most logical outcome of this fluctuation is loss of moisture and frizzy hair strands that look unkempt and also become prone to breakage. Check out these products that work wonders for beard nourishment.

1. Cedarwood Beard Oil. A blend of four nourishing oils, this is perfect for daily use that adds shine and moisture to your beard. In addition to this, Cedarwood Oil repairs and strengthens hair strands, Argan Oil helps fight frizz, itchiness and dandruff, Macadamia Oil helps retain the essential moisture of hair, and Thyme Oil improves blood circulation and stimulates hair follicles.

2. Beard Growth Oil. It’s a blend of 9 nourishing ingredients (turmeric, tea tree, orange, Vitamin E, Argan oil, Jojoba, Almond, palmarosa and cinnamon bark) with Onion Oil and Rosemary Extracts that help promote faster and healthier beard growth.

Beard Styling with Nourishment

Styling your beard is not limited to making it look presentable. It also promotes a deeper sense of beard care by stimulating follicles, conditioning hair, and getting rid of double edged hair that cause them to grow unruly. Check out these individual products and beard grooming kits for men that will give you a richer look.

1. Wooden Beard Comb. A wide-toothed beard styling and detangling pocket comb made with Sheesham wood. This helps you to train your beard to grow in the right direction, keep the stray hair strands in place and also help your beard products to be evenly distributed on your beard.

2. Beard Shaper Tool. A beard shaper tool that helps create perfectly sculpted lines on your beard around the cheeks, neckline and sideburns. It’s extremely easy to use and can give you tremendous confidence to shape your beard symmetrically at home, create multiple looks and shape your beard with the precision that you’d otherwise expect only in a salon.

3. Beard Oil and Wash With Comb. The most basic 3-in-1 men’s beard grooming kit that every guy needs to own. It comes with a beard growth oil to promote healthier growth, a pocket-friendly sheesham wood comb, and a beard shampoo-conditioner that will leave your beard dirt-free while maintaining its optimum hydration.

4. Beard Care Kit For Men. This is a comprehensive men’s beard grooming kit that features a Beard Oil for regular maintenance, a beard growth oil for promoting healthier growth, a beard serum that detangles and protects your beard, a moustache wax for long-lasting hold, a beard softener, and a beard shampoo-conditioner.

Explore the entire range of Bombay Shaving Company beard care products above and stay stylish ALWAYS.