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5 Weird Grooming Hacks That Really Work

5 Weird Grooming Hacks That Really Work

Be it your workplace, an impromptu plan or a late evening date, hacks make life pretty easy. Hacks - which is exactly what we’re talking about today, and rather some weird ones. Yeah,  they might sound weird - but work just as fine as anything. Let’s take a look: 

Hair Conditioner as Shaving Cream

Hair Conditioner as Shaving Cream

There could be times when you get caught in a shaving bind. Find no lather in sight, but your stubble needs attention. Before you subject your skin to a sandpaper serenade, hold your horses or should I say, your razor. Turns out, that bottle of conditioner is the best proxy for your GOD KNOWS WHERE THAT GOD DAMN shaving foam is hiding at. Yeah, it sounds crazy, right? Hair for a beard? Conditioner for lather? But hear me out. Both these bad boys share a secret talent: keeping hair soft and supple. And guess what your beard hair craves? Yup, softness. So slathering on some conditioner is like giving your facial fuzz a spa day before you mow it down.

The slickness means your razor glides like a skater on butter, reducing friction and keeping your skin happy. Plus, the conditioner softens those stubborn follicles, making them easier to conquer. So next time you're in a latherless limbo, give it a whirl! You might just be surprised by the magic it works. And hey, even if you're fully stocked with shaving foams, why not spice things up? Think of it as an adventure for your face, a chance to embrace the unexpected. Plus, you might just discover your new go-to shaving secret weapon.

Blow Drying Your Razor

Blow Drying Your Shaving Razor

Before you throw your old dull blades, listen up. It turns out that some heat can add life to your razor blades. Yes, you heard that right. A quick 10-second blast of hot air can add life to your razor blades. But how does this work? Moisture loves to be friends with your shiny razor blades. When moisture gets in and stays there for long durations, rust makes an entrance, and when that happens the blades start going dull. In fact, rusty blades are more dangerous than just dull blades. But a short 10 second of warm air zaps the moisture away immediately, making sure your razor blades stay slick and sharp.

Doing this is just like stretching your razor’s metallic muscles, and making sure it is ready to deliver another silky-smooth shave. Plus, doing this as a practice helps extend its life. So it’s a win win for everyone (except for the moisture )

Vodka To Reduce Odour

Vodka For Odour

Look, there are times when you don’t have the time to wash your clothes, or some of us can get lazy to wash clothes (no judgement here). In situations like this, when you’re looking for something to magically clean your clothes and get rid of the odour for good, spraying some unflavoured vodka on your clothes can do the trick.Yes you read that right. All you have to do is to first get some unflavoured vodka (doesn’t matter what quality) and a spray bottle. Now pour that vodka in your spray bottle and spritz some of it on different areas of your clothes to get rid of the smell. When you’re done with this, spray your favourite refreshing fragrance to get ready for the day. 

Cutting Nails After Shower

Cutting Nails After Shower

Ever wrestled with your nail cutter like it's nail-o-lympics? When nails are dry they tend to be harder and more brittle. This not only makes it difficult to cut them evenly, but may also cause chipping them during the process. Well, there’s an easy solution to this – just put down the nail cutter and step into the shower! A shower can soften your nails like butter in a Rajasthan summer, making cutting them a breeze. Think of it as a spa day for your fingertips, a chance to ditch the battle scars and embrace the smooth side of life.

Alternatively, you could also just soak your fingers in some warm water for a few minutes to achieve the same effect. Further, use a moisturiser to hydrate your cuticles, so that your nails stay soft even when dry and don’t turn brittle. Just because you’re here, here’s an additional tip: never trim your nails too deep as freshly showered nails are soft and easy to go overboard. This may cause immediate pain and discomfort. 

Oil For Chapped Lips

Oil For Chapped Lips

No one will say it out loud but here’s a plain fact: everyone licks their lips in order to hydrate them. And the winter season brings an unwelcome gift of dryness to your skin, including that on your lips. Sure, licking your lips might seem like a quick fix, but trust me, it's not a good idea. When you do that the enzymes present in your saliva break down the protective barrier on your lip and the moisture begins to evaporate, causing them to become even drier than before. 

So, here’s a simple DIY, if you’re not a fan of over the counter chapsticks or lip balms. Whip up some sugar and oil (olive oil or coconut oil, it's your choice) and slather it on before bed, like a lip mask, and wake up with lips that are moisturised from within. Avoid licking them at all costs. Additionally, resort to the traditional style that grandmother used to perform when we were kids. Apply some castor oil in your belly button right after a shower and you will see it magically transform your lips into luscious doubles sooner than you can imagine.


So there you have it, — a treasure of time-saving, weird-but-effective grooming hacks to keep you looking sharp and confident. Remember, a little creativity can go a long way in the self-care game. But stay away from pure home remedies that are not based on science. The ones listed here are tried, tested and approved to be safely executed at home. 

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