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Beard Style Predictions 2024: 5 Most Loved Beard Styles For Men

Beard Style Predictions 2024: 5 Most Loved Beard Styles For Men

2023 was quick. right? This year the beard game went nuts. This year we saw everything from meticulously sculpted stubble to long Gandalf-esque manes. Clearly, this year no one felt left out, there was a beard style for every mood and personality. You may be a stoic bearded chad or a newbie just stepping into the beard-ing realm, whichever side you’re at, this list is for you to get inspired for 2024. Here are 5 beard styles that ruled 2023 and are predicted to get even more popular in 2024. So grab a mug, brew in your favourite coffee, settle in, and get ready for a beardy good time.



Forget the clean-shaven baby face or that long never-ending beard that hides your chin – the beardstache is where it's at! Do you recall the time when Mission Impossible 6 came out and Henry Cavil made his big entrance with that sleek beardstache? That’s what we’re talking about. A Beardstache is basically a full-on moustache that is proudly married to a few weeks worth of stubble. But beware if you manage to pull this off you'll be channelling both vintage vibes and modernity and you’ll end up looking effortlessly cool.

How to get it:

  • Ditch the razor for at least 4-6 weeks
  • Grow the fuzz and see how it grows and dances on your face
  • Neatly tame that fuzz after a month with a Beard Trimmer of your choice and create a stubble look leaving your moustache
  • Define the edges but don’t go overboard, stick to trimming the strays, and keep any moustache style of your choice


We’re sure you’ve heard of the 5 O’clock shadow beard, this is just his rebellious cousin. It has got an attitude, it looks intentional and it's put together well enough to get you through your office beard meeting or a date night without any raised eyebrows (not unless those eyebrows are for admiration, of course). A Long stubble gives you a confident, easygoing manly look that is admired by women in general.

How to get it:

  • Set the trimmer to 4mm-6mm in length
  • Do the sides and repeat till you get an even trim
  • Trim the middle section of your beard including your lips and chin
  • Finish the trim by shaping and creating sharp edges on your side locks, cheek lines, neckline, and lips


The Faded Beard look involves gradually tapering the beard from the sidelocks to the jaw to create a sharp, neat, and gradual appearance. It makes guys appear more masculine, mature, and yet approachable. It is one of the most versatile beard styles and can suit a variety of face shapes and looks. And if you’re someone with a not-so-prominent jawline, worry not, your face will complement this look as well. It adds to your face shape and definition that you didn’t have before. Getting this look takes time, work, and most of all patience. 

How to get it:

  • Grab a trimmer with multiple length settings
  • Set the trimmer length to 6mm - 9mm, and trim your beard from the sides to the middle section of your face to set the base of your beard’s appearance
  • Next up are the sides. Set your trimmer’s length to a size between 2mm - 5mm on your trimmer and create a gradual fade effect on the upper sides till your ear. This makes your face more structured and gives you that tapered look
  • The last step is to do the mid-section. Set your trimmer to a size between 5mm-6mm and trim your beard till it blends in with the top and the base 


Surprised right? Turns out when styled correctly, a short-length patchy beard looks absolute badass and it is one of the most embraced beard styles in 2023. Even if you have a patchy beard, it's not like you have to be a baby all your life. The key to rocking a beard even when it's patchy is to accentuate areas of your beard that grow better, merging the patchy sections with the thicker ones. Just look at Johnny Depp and James Franco, they all make the patchy beard look damn cool. Following the right steps, you can do it too.

How to get it:

  • Grow your beard for at least 4-6 weeks
  • Observe which areas have a thicker growth and which areas look more patchy
  • If you have a strong midsection you can go for a goatee, but if you have stronger sides, you can style your beard for something like mutton chops (aka the wolverine beard)
  • After you’ve styled your beard, make sure you shape the edges of your beard like the cheeks and neckline as it adds more definition to your overall look


It's pretty clear by the name that we’re talking about a beard that is long and boxed in appearance. If you’re looking for a sharper look, this is your go-to beard. The edges of the boxed beard elongate your face and create a more balanced face shape. A Boxed Beard works well for people who want to keep a full and thick beard without making it look too bulky.  

How to get it:

  • Grow your beard to a 1 - 3 inches mark which is sufficient enough to give you a clean and polished look
  • Use a Beard Trimmer with an adjustable comb, set it to a length between 10mm-15 mm, and even out your beard and trim the unruly strands
  • Once you’re done dealing with the unruly part, you need to work on shaping your sides and neckline to create sharp outlines
  • Then comes the most important part. For this part, you need to grab a razor and outline your cheeks, sideburns, and neckline to create that ‘boxy’ appearance
  • Trim and shape your beard once or twice every week to make sure your beard stays in that BOXED shape


Decades come, decades go, but my bearded bro, you should know that beards are never getting out of fashion. These were the top trending beard styles of 2023 that are sure to continue on popularity charts even in 2024. If you like any of these, just grab a Trimmer and make it happen. Amen. 

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