Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

Valentine's Day Gifts for Men From Bombay Shaving Company

How thoughtful of you for planning a memorable Valentine’s day gift for your special man. But, before we dig our noses into it, just know that Valentine's Day isn't about price tags. It's about igniting sparks in each other's eyes, about invaluable laughters that bubble like expensive champagnes, and about making memories that'll warm your hearts long after February fades.

So this time, chuck the predictable wallets and belts out of the window, and give him something worth remembering. Let’s make this Valentine's Day one for the history books, a love story written in the stars and whispered in the wind. Show him that you REALLY care about him through gestures beyond the surface. In this store, we’ve curated a mixed bag of offerings that guys totally dig. From perfumes to pampering kits for his skin, to styling tools, choose something that speaks directly to his personality.

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Below are the Best Valentines Day Gifts Ideas for Him

IDEA # 1 - For The Adventurous Type: Wanderlust Perfume Kit

This amazing perfume kit is perfect for guys who like premium fragrances. Wanderlust Perfume Kit offers an exotic collection of Perfumes from three continents, capturing the essence of three unique landscapes. After all, the man who makes your world go round deserves nothing short of the whole world itself.

IDEA # 2 - For The Fine Connoisseur: 6-in-1 Premium Shaving Kit

If your guy is an occasional shaver and enjoys the finer things in life, this ultra luxurious shaving kit will win you a thousand extra brownie points. The 6-in-1 Premium Shaving Kit from Bombay Shaving Company is the pinnacle of shaving for the men of class. It features a super luxurious 6-blade razor that’s nothing short of a piece of art – both modern and classy, and super sensitive on the skin at the same time. Also in the box are shaving buddies, like charcoal shaving foam, charcoal face wash, charcoal face scrub, a post-shave balm and a soft cotton towel. Perfect gift for a man of style.

IDEA #3 - For The Coffee Head: Coffee Face Care Kit

Is your guy a coffee fan? Does he wish he could bottle that fresh morning espresso and keep it close throughout the day in a quirky act of romance? The coffee face care kit is curated just for him. Crafted with fresh coffee beans from Coorg, this skincare kit contains a face wash, a face scrub, a peel-off mask and a face pack, packed with the goodness of coffee. It’s perfect not only for the amazing whiff of coffee upon application, but for fixing sun damage and dullness on the skin.

IDEA #4 - For The Man Who Loves The Outdoors: Charcoal Face Care Kit

For the man whose idea of fun is all outdoorsy, nothing is better than something that takes care of all the dirt and grime he gathers on his skin. The Charcoal Kit from Bombay Shaving Company combines the natural power of Activated Bamboo Charcoal with gentle and safe ingredients for a spotless glow. The 10X cleansing power of Charcoal Face Wash deeply clears dirt, debris and excess oil from the skin, while the Charcoal Face Scrub exfoliates away dead skin cells. The Charcoal Peel-Off Mask removes blackheads and excess oil and the Charcoal Face Mask reverses the effects of pollution, revitalises the skin and adds nutrients, for a healthy, date ready glow.

You can explore more practical gifts from our gifting section, that will make for the perfect 14th Feb gift idea. What’s even more important is to choose a gift that shows you care about him and his individual needs irrespective of the price tag. Whether you opt for one of the amazing Bombay Shaving Company kits we suggested above or something else entirely, make sure it comes from the heart. As a personal tip, make sure to add a handwritten card to express your love and appreciation, and you're sure to make his V-Day truly special. With Bombay Shaving Company’s Extensive range of gift ideas you’re sure to find the Best Gifts for your special one.