6-in-1 Premium Shaving Kit For Men

22 Reviews
MRP ₹3,125

Two Good Two be True | Set of 2

18 Reviews
MRP ₹1,590

Charcoal Face Care Kit with Sheet Mask

11 Reviews
MRP ₹935

6-in-1 Sensi Luxe Shaving Kit

5 Reviews
MRP ₹2,500

Coffee Face Care Kit

87 Reviews
MRP ₹676

Globetrotter Perfume Kit for Men

72 Reviews
MRP ₹795

Wanderlust Perfume Kit For Men

75 Reviews
MRP ₹1,495

Shave Travel Kit For Men

10 Reviews
MRP ₹573

Precision Safety Razor - Silver Edition

12 Reviews
MRP ₹1,495

Premium Fragrances | Set of 4

22 Reviews
MRP ₹649

Still not sure what to buy? Get a fail-proof gifting solution below.


E-gift Card
MRP ₹1,000

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Racking your brains to come up with gift ideas to give your friends and family? We understand. The year is filled with occasions and events that require you to show your love with a gesture of a gift. In fact, gifting is a centuries-old tradition that lets you show your loved ones your love and appreciation. Whether it’s for Father’s Day, someone’s birthday, an anniversary, or simply a reminder that you’re thinking about them, gifting has become a way of expressing our emotions and feelings in the most perfect way. But before we get into that here’s a story:


Once upon a time, in a town far away from the glitz and glamour of the world, there was a ‘gifting dilemma’. People of the town had no idea what to gift their loved ones. So, any time there was a holiday, a celebration, a birthday party, or an event, they would just go to the market and get the first thing they saw wrapped to bring back as a gift, regardless of whether the one on the receiving end liked it or not. Soon enough, elders in the community decided to discontinue the tradition of gifting anything to each other. But the younger enthusiasts did not listen. They continued to gift each other (including the elders) the most ridiculous things like random mugs, generic key chains, pen sets, and whatnot. The situation went out of hand and the local governing body had to pass a law banning gifts in totality. What a sad day it was! Anyone who broke the law would have their property confiscated and sentenced to a 7-year term in jail. Even though the story is evidently (and ridiculously) fake, the sentiment is not. No one likes a gift that has no thought gone into buying it. It’s better to not gift someone anything rather than give something that has FORMALITY written all over it.

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Now, let’s talk about gift ideas. The key to finding the perfect gift is to think outside the box. Sure, a generic gift card is easy, but it’s not personal. Instead, consider something unique that reflects the recipient’s interests and personality. For example, if they love to cook, a fancy kitchen gadget could be a great gift idea. But what about men? Shopping for men can be tough. You could be thinking about a gift for dad, a special gift for your husband, or a birthday gift for men at work. But before that, think about the man’s interest. Does he love sports? A new piece of sports equipment could be perfect. Is he a gadget guy? Consider a smart home device. Is he a foodie? A gourmet food basket or a fancy kitchen gadget could be just the thing. Another thing to consider is the occasion. Is it a birthday gift? A thoughtful piece of customised grooming gadget could be a great choice. Is it a gift for your husband getting a promotion at work? Consider something that makes him look good in the new role. If you’re still feeling stuck, think about experiences. A weekend getaway or a concert ticket can make an unforgettable gift. And don’t underestimate the power of a handwritten note. But from the many factors that affect your decision while buying a gift for men, budget is a big one. Most of the things we mentioned above are expensive, thanks to their unique nature. Good news is we are here with a list that men all over the world love, in a budget that won’t put a hole in your purse – the gift of grooming.


Traditionally men don’t splurge on their grooming needs. They are contended with what they have or what is handy. And that’s your opportunity to show that you really care about them, by giving them something that will make a real difference in their day to day life and still be a gift for men under 500.

  • Shave and Travel Kit: Look no further for the best gift for your father with this Shave and Travel Kit from Bombay Shaving Company. It is compact and practical, and is the perfect gift for him if he loves to travel or simply likes his things organized in the bathroom. It has all the essentials he’d need on the move, from a charcoal bath soap, to a charcoal face wash, charcoal shaving foam, a smoothest razor and a post shave balm for a soothing touch after every shave. It also comes with a sturdy, waterproof Travel Bag to put all these are more toiletries in place.
  • Coffee Face Care Kit For Men: This is a premium gift option for men within a budget, made from the finest coffee beans sourced from the Coorg valley of Karnataka. It contains a coffee face wash, face scrub, peel-off mask and a face pack that together promotes a healthy and glowing skin for everyday confidence. And that’s not all, this superfood is an excellent ingredient used for removing sun tan.
  • Charcoal Face Care Kit For Men: With this practical gift for men, dull and damaged skin will be a thing of the past. Make your man indulge in a pampering experience with activated charcoal as his skin gets the perfect detox, all while sitting at home. It contains a Charcoal face wash, face scrub, peel-off mask and a face pack.


If you’re looking for gifts for men under rupees 1000 then there are plenty of options in the grooming space that they will thank you for.

  • Beard Care Kit For Men: This beard care kit is perfect for those who love and take pride in their beard. It will help them tame the whiskers and keep the hair nourished and conditioned. It contains a beard shampoo & conditioner, beard butter, beard oil, beard growth oil, a moustache wax, and beard serum. If your man is a beard lover, he will love you for bringing this gem of a gift for him.
  • Globetrotter Perfume Kit For Men: This is a premium perfume kit for men that has been inspired by fragrances from four corners of the world. It contains an intriguing mix of aromas from Mexico, an enigmatic concoction from Cairo, a happy-go-lucky blend from Miami, and a morning fresh breezy scent from Tokyo. This gift is a close second to world tour, only at a fraction of the cost.
  • OG Black Trimmer For Men: This cordless and compact men’s trimmer is a must-have grooming tool for every man, and makes for the perfect gift for men. It comes with 38 beard length settings in a single dial for easy beard trimming and customized looks. How your gift will stand apart from the rest is that it has an amazing battery performance with a running time of 80 minutes on a single charge.

And there are more... waiting to be explored by grooming enthusiasts and their loved ones.