Perfumes for Men

Best Collection of Perfumes For Men by Bombay Shaving Company

Perfumes aren’t just there to make you smell good, there’s more to it. It is scientifically-proven that perfumes alleviate your mood and establish a powerful connection to memory which we commonly refer to as ‘Signature Scent’.

If you have been using perfumes for a while, you know that your perfume smells slightly different every hour. That is because perfume scents are created in layers aka notes. Here is how these notes work. The Top notes are the first scent you smell in a perfume, and they evaporate in no time.

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The middle or heart notes that somewhat form the main body of a perfume. The base notes hold and blend the other ingredients. These notes stay on your skin for the longest.

Even during the ancient times the best perfumes were everywhere and to this day this statement is true. The much known use of perfumes for men apart from smelling good is that you can use it to borrow a sense of status, superiority, used by celebrities, politicians, and royalty.

Interestingly, the lesser known uses could be medicinal, while can help relieve ailments of the lungs or skin in ancient Egypt, Greece, and across the Roman Empire. Perfumes were part of ritual, beauty, and commerce as much as it is today. You can get the best smelling perfumes in a few clicks. Let’s take a look on few:

Mexico: A fragrance as exciting as the exotic beaches of Mexico. The masculine scent of woody accord with teak wood, blended with the charm of rose makes your presence felt as soon as you spray it on.

Tokyo: Open to gusts of spicy notes featuring cardamom, nutmeg, and fresh neroli, awakening that awakens your senses. The husky undertones of saffron gently blend into the floral sweetness of rose and jasmine, creating an aromatic tapestry. Gradually, the fragrance settles into a unique alluring aroma of rich vanilla, woody sandalwood, leaving an indelible trail of sophistication and mystique.

Miami: Exotic fragrance with a tropical sweetness that reminds you of holidays on a Miami beach. The citrusy top notes work by instantly lifting your mood with freshness. The heart notes give you a hint of floral freshness and the base notes have a complex mix of sweet, spicy and woody notes.

Cairo: A premium and long-lasting perfume for men for those who want a scent that is both sophisticated and alluring. The top notes hint the herbal warmth of cardamom, and a sweet-spicy mix of grapefruit and lavender. The heart notes have soft floral undertones. It settles down as a long-lasting aroma of musky notes, with tonka, vanilla and vetiver.

Venice: The Freshness of the oceanic breeze of Venice packed in a bottle. The top layer shouts a blast of oceanic freshness while the middle notes add warmth to your smelland the base notes are rich and earthy. Use it to experience the long-lasting allure of the eternal musk.

Gotham: Perfect for the man who wants to make a statement. Its seductive, dark, and mysterious scent hints of spice makes you more unforgettable. The top layer adds a blast of freshness with its bright and citrusy notes, while the middle notes are warm and spicy. The base notes are rich and earthy.

Today perfumes for men still use essential oils gathered from flowers, spices, and fruits, while cheaper ones are made from synthesized oils that somewhat smell similar to these natural scents.