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Beard Styling Guide for Every Face Shape

Beard Styling Guide For Every Face Shape

The key difference between an average-looking man and a good-looking man is how well you carry yourself. There are a lot of things that, if done right, can make you go from a NAYYY to YAYYY effortlessly. 

One of those things is having a good beard-styling routine. Believe me, it enhances your appearance like CRAZYYYY. 

But achieving the perfect beard is not a one-size-fits-all thing. The key lies in understanding your unique face shape and crafting a beard style that complements it. 

Today, we will explore the art of matching your facial structure with the right beard. Let's deep dive into unlocking the secrets that will take your appearance from good to exceptional with ease. 

Basics before specifics

styling beard according to face shape

But before getting specific, let's learn some basic rules that everyone needs to follow despite their face shape.

Let's explore some basic rules that apply to all face shapes. 

  • Regular trimming and maintenance to keep your beard looking sharp and tidy. 

  • Moisturize and condition your facial hair regularly to keep it soft and healthy.

Identify your face shape

different face shapes

To craft the best that’s unique to your face shape and style you need to identify your face shape accurately. Broadly there are six primary face shapes: Oval, Square, Round, Heart, Diamond, and Oblong. If you wish you know more about your face shape refer to the information below and study the angles of your face in the mirror and know your face shape. Knowing your face shape is the key to unlocking your beard's true potential!

The Oval Face


You’ve hit the facial hair jackpot. Men with oval-shaped faces can sport and experiment with various beard styles and their facial structure is naturally balanced.

How to style it

Starting from the sides keep your beard relatively short and keep it a bit longer on the chin. This helps to highlight the jawline and it adds definition to your facial structure. Since you have an oval face you can experiment with a classic full beard or a neatly trimmed stubble, both work like a charm. We advise you to avoid excessive length on the bottom, as it can disrupt the proportions of your face.

Square Face


Square-faced folks, listen up! Your strong, angular jawline gives you a handsome, more manly, and rugged appearance. Follow the steps below to get the right beard style that is only for you.

How to style it

Softening those sharp edges of your beard. Style your beard in a way that adds length to your face, such as a longer, fuller goatee or a beard that’s more prominent from the front. This will create a more symmetrical look. We advise you to avoid bushy sideburns or overly square beards, as they can make your face appear too boxy.

The Round Face


For the folks with a round face, the choices are slim, one wrong cut, and your face starts to look more round than it was yesterday. There are ways you can style your beard to create a chiseled and sophisticated appearance.

How to style it

Elongate your face and add some angles. Here’s how you do it. Shape your beard shorter on the sides and longer on the chin. By keeping the sides low and the chin hair slightly longer, you'll create an illusion of an elongated face, complementing your round face beautifully.

The Heart Face


The heart-shaped men, your charm lies in your broad forehead and narrow chin, which is envied by many. To complement these distinctive features, here is your way to get a well-crafted effortlessly.

How to style it

Balance your facial proportions by adding width to your chin area. By creating the illusion of a wider jawline, you can make the best out of your heart-shaped face. Keep the beard neatly trimmed and avoid going too much around the mustache, as it can draw attention away from your unique facial structure.

The Diamond Face


The men with diamond-shaped faces have a rare and striking appearance. They have a narrow forehead and chin, but the cheekbones are very prominent. Keeping these points in mind let's understand how to embrace your distinctiveness and match it with the right beard style.

How to style it

Firstly focus on highlighting your cheekbones and bring focus to the center of your face. Consider a chinstrap beard style or a beard with a shorter length on the bottom. These balance the proportions of your face structure and draw attention to your well-defined cheekbones while maintaining a symmetrical look. Avoid bushy beards that add width to your jawline. They can overshadow your facial structure.

The Oblong Face


If you have an oblong face, your go-to style in your beard is to go for a longer and narrower beard shape.

How to style it

Go for a style that adds volume to the sides while keeping a shorter length. A well-groomed full beard or a medium-length (learn more about the length of beard here) boxed beard can incredibly compliment your oblong face. Add width to your facial structure and create a sense of symmetry. Avoid overly long beards, as they can elongate your face further, which you don’t want.

razors for men


Follow basic rules for all face shapes: trim regularly and moisturize. Identify your face shape and style accordingly and keep note of this and do wonders with your beard:

  • Oval: Versatile and balanced, you can experiment with styles

  • Square: Soften sharp edges with longer styles.

  • Round: Shorter sides and longer chin.

  • Heart: Add width to the chin for balance. You can go for some length on the sides.

  • Diamond: Highlight cheekbones with a beard that is shorter bottom.

  • Oblong: Add volume to sides for symmetry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any specific beard styles to avoid for a round face to prevent making it look rounder?

A. The game lies in the angles if you have a round face. For a more chiseled and symmetrical appearance focus on elongating the illusion on your face. Achieve this by shaping your beard shorter on the sides and growing a bit longer on the chin.

Q. Is it possible to have a combination of face shapes? If that’s the case, how should I approach styling my beard?

A. There are six primary face shapes. Some individuals may have a combination of features. In such cases, the key is to analyze which face shape is more dominant. Emphasize the dominant face shape, enhance your unique features, and style your beard in a way that complements your dominant face shape.

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