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Does Beard Oil Really Work? The Good, The Bad And Everything In Between

Does Beard Oil Really Work? The Good, The Bad And Everything In Between

Ahh, the Beard Oil, or should we call it nectar for a godly beard? Something that transforms your scratchy scruff into a godly and smooth piece of work. But how true is this claim? What’s the other side of the picture? If these questions hover over your mind, this one's for you. And before you take that bottle of beard oil and douse it on your beard, let’s pause for a moment and answer the biggest question – “Does Beard Oil Really Work?” and delve into the good, the not so good, and almost everything that you should know about Beard Oils.

What Does Beard Oil Do?

What Does a Beard Oil Do

To make it crystal clear for the bearded bros out there, think about it like this. If you were given only one product to choose from, that you’ll use all your life, it's a Beard Oil. Take a look at things it helps you with. 

  • It keeps your beard healthy, 
  • It keeps your beard nourished, and 
  • It makes your beard stay in great shape

The magic of Beard Oil is in its formulation. Beard Oil is formulated with a mix of carrier and essential oils that make your beard healthy and give it the nourishment it needs. For the folks who want to reduce the troubles while they grow a beard, something like this is a must to keep the beard healthy. Below are the top 3 benefits that Beard Oil delivers, take a look:

Nourishment at the Follicular Level

When it comes to nourishing your beard, think of your beard as small saplings. Just the way those saplings need healthy soil (your skin) and nutrients (beard oil) to thrive on, your beard requires similar things. It needs nourishment to grow thick and strong. A good Beard Oil makes sure your beard has all the necessary nutrients to promote healthy beard growth and prevent premature breakage.

Adds to the Moisture 

The hair on your face and the hair on your head are different. Naturally, your beard happens to be much drier than the hair on your head. The dryness in your beard can make the hair strands brittle, leading to split ends and eventually beard dandruff. This is when Beard Oil comes into the picture. It adds a layer of moisture to your beard that helps replenish all the lost moisture, thus making your beard soft, manageable and flake-free. So, for all the guys dealing with a dry and scruffy mane, Beard Oil is a must-have.

Heals and Adds to Health of the Skin

While growing your beard, the skin underneath gets neglected, missing on all the moisturizer you use on the rest of the exposed portions of your face. This may lead to multiple complications, starting with acute dryness, irritation and flakiness. A Beard Oil makes sure your skin isn’t left out. Beard Oils For Men are formulated with ingredients that are nourishing for the skin. Activities like massaging the beard oil on your skin promotes improved blood circulation, ultimately promoting a healthy environment for your beard to flourish. 

Side Effects of Beard Oil

Beard Oil Side Effects

Beard oils are one of the safest formulations in the grooming industry. But if you happen to have a unique skin type, like any other topical solution, these may cause some unwelcome reactions. Listing below a few possible side effects that you may face when using Beard Oil. 

Skin Allergies 

Most beard oils are made with all-natural ingredients, which means they are safe to be used on your skin. But there’s a chance your skin may react differently to the individual oils inside the formulation. Think of it this way. Choosing your Beard Oil is half the journey crossed, the other part of the journey is to make sure your Beard Oil chooses you and your skin too. Check this by doing a patch test. Once you’re successfully done with that, you can take things forward. 

The Patch Test for Beard Oil

Take a few drops of Beard Oil in your palms and apply it on your skin. Let it sit there for a whole day and observe carefully for any skin reactions. If nothing happens, besides a dash of hydration added to your skin, you can continue to use it as freely as you like. 

Possible Breakouts

Now this is a unique case. If you’re someone with acne-prone skin, it's pretty obvious your skin is producing excess sebum. When there is excess sebum, there’s too much oil secretion on your skin. So adding another layer of oil on top of that may further increase the oil levels on your skin. Using Beard Oil on acne-prone skin may turn your skin greasy and this is not something you're looking for. What you can do instead is go for a water-based beard spray instead of an oil-based beard product. But this means missing out on all the other benefits that a beard oil offers. Alternatively, you can create a thorough skincare regimen in order to control excess sebum production and control the fantasies of your oily facade, and continue to use the beard oil without any fear.

Increased Sensitivity To Sun

Now this is scratching the surface a little too deep, but does hold an iota of merit. We’ve already established that beard oils are not homogenous and singularly crafted oils. They are like a pool of different oils locked together to ensure maximum nourishment. Some of these ingredients may make your skin sensitive to sunlight. Basically, for some people, Beard Oil turns their beard into living vampires as soon as the sun hits it. So conduct a patch test and follow the steps as mentioned earlier.

How Long Before You See The Results?

Beard Oil

Time to call a spade a spade. Beard oils start showing some results instantly and only slide the positives up after a few hours of application. No, we’re not selling the point too much. The first assignment for your beard oil is to moisturise your beard and the skin underneath. Put a big green tick on that, as you achieve this instantly upon application. The second assignment is to make your beard soft and more manageable. You achieve this after a few hours, as the oils settle in and are absorbed by the porous strands of hair. All the other benefits, however, take longer than that, as it takes some time reversing the long-settled realities like impoverished hair follicles, stunted beard growth, dandruff and flakiness.

The most important thing while using beard oil is to set your expectations right. A lot of people grow impatient because of ridiculous expectations. They want to see years of neglect get fixed in just a few days. Another thing that may disappoint some users is unrealistic aims like growing a beard where no hair follicles are present. Guys, nothing can fight your genes. If you have a patchy beard genetically, a beard oil can’t change the chemical composition of your DNA and sprout new hair. Remember, you can only grow a plant when you have the seeds. The hair follicles are like the seeds that need to break out of their shell and grow into a tree. Your beard oil is only an organic fertilizer that will compensate with all the nutrition that the seed can’t manage to find naturally on its own. 


Beard Oil plays an instrumental role in nourishing, moisturising and supporting beard growth. Understanding how it works and how quickly it starts showing results will make all the difference in your experience. You don’t want to give up too soon if you’re aiming for the top of the peak, so stay on for all the tall expectations, and you will see a beard oil WILL deliver. But at the same time, be wary of any side effects by starting with a patch test on your skin. Even though, the ingredients used in a typical beard oil are quite safe for application, some skin types may be sensitive to some of them. Be thorough, be regular and never skip this important step in your daily beard ritual. 

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