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How to Fade Your Beard At Home

How to Fade Your Beard At Home

If there’s one trend that we can attribute exclusively to this decade, it’s the faded beard look. It’s almost synonymous with a polished man – looks stylish and extremely posh. We have seen everyone from celebrities to our gully studs sporting the faded beard style – the gradual transition from shorter to longer beard strands as one moves from the top of the face to the base of the jaw. But let’s face it, it’s not one of the easiest styles to achieve at home. 

Read on to get a step-by-step breakdown of how to achieve this cool blend of sophistication and elegance and make a statement with a faded beard. But before we jump into the execution, it’s important to understand that your hairstyle also plays an important role in your overall faded beard style. It’s best to start with one where you have shorter hair on the sides of your head. If you can manage to hold your hair on the sides in a fist, then it’s too long and will make your look patchy. OK, let’s start.


Let’s start with a checklist of everything you would require to fade your beard and maintain it that way. 

  • A BEARD TRIMMER with adjustable length settings. There are two options available in the market – one with multiple combs and one with a rotary comb (or a trimmer with an inbuilt dial). The trimmer dial or rotary combs give you better flexibility to fine tune the lengths, as you have a much wider range, as opposed to the trimmer combs (usually only 4 lengths)
  • SCISSORS for fine tuning the look. A regular pair of beard scissors that allows you to get rid of short stray strands of hair jutting out of your beard like straw.
  • A COMB for shaping and customising your beard length. This is not the beard comb otherwise recommended for detangling your beard. Unlike its wooden counterpart this one has sharper teeth made of plastic that you can use to comb out the hair and trim them off.
  • A MIRROR for better visibility. 


Before you venture into the real deal, trim your beard down (in the direction of your beard growth) to the length that you’re comfortable with. This is the length of the beard that your jawline or the base of your beard should have. 
  • Set the trimmer on the highest length setting so that you don’t end up cutting too much and run it through your beard strictly in the direction of your beard growth. 
  • Use your comb to straighten out all hair strands in the same direction to check the length.
  • If you wish to get a shorter beard, gradually lower the length setting on the dial and let your entire beard have the same bulk. 


 beard style

Start at the top of your beard (on the side locks and trim the hair down to a lower length (between 3-4mm), first in the direction of your beard growth, then in the opposite direction. Don’t go lower than your ear lobes, because this is where the fading will start. 


beard style

Gradually increase the length setting (5-6mm) from your area around your ear lobes to just above your jawline and trim in an upward motion. This creates a clear starting point for the fade. Further increase the length on your trimmer dial and trim the lower portion of your beard keeping everything below the jawline the same length. 


beard style

Gradually, from the base of your beard go back upwards till the top with the highest length setting. Then decrease the length and from 2 inches above the jawline make the same upward motion till the top. This will blend your points of transition so that your beard will achieve a seamless faded finish. 


beard style

Use a pair of scissors to refine the fade, especially around the sideburns and edges. Trim any uneven patches and create a natural, smooth transition. All this while regularly checking in the mirror to ensure both sides are symmetrical and the fade looks even. 


beard style

Use a comb to condition your beard hair downwards to remove any loose hair and make sure your look is well defined. Follow it up with a good beard oil to keep things moisturised and nourished.


Remember, fading requires precision, so take your time to avoid any mistakes – start with a longer beard length setting on your trimmer dial or comb and gradually work your way down to shorter lengths. Also, regular maintenance is extremely important to keep your faded look fresh and alive, so trim your beard regularly, especially as it grows. And most importantly, don't be discouraged if it takes a few attempts to achieve the perfect fade. Every good thing takes time.

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