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Grow A Beard Like A Pro But Prepare For These Common Problems

Grow A Beard Like A Pro But Prepare For These Common Problems

A beard is the most valuable accessory on our face that we can use to style multiple looks, camouflage excess fat, and make a signature statement. Statistics say that an estimated 75% people in the US feel more confident with a beard, so you can only imagine what that number looks like in India. But the purpose gets defeated if the beard that you grow looks patchy or too thin. This can be easily solved if the problem is not genetic and you have a healthy spread of hair follicles under your skin. If you're looking How To Grow A Beard Fast, you may need to set your expectations in place. An average beard grows about half an inch in a month, so if you're waiting for a full Gandalf to happen in a few weeks, that's not gonna happen.


But there are a few problems that come your way WHILE your beard is growing at a decent pace to your desired length. Let's begin with the ones that need your immediate attention. 


When you start growing a beard, turning from a smooth baby-faced rookie to a bearded boss, the journey is paved with glory, and swagger, but also... itching! Yes, that pesky itch comes along uninvited and may come as a shock for a lot of people who're probably growing a beard for the first time. 

Picture it like this. You finally decide to take the leap and stop trimming your beard completely to allow it time to grow, only to find your face waging a war against itself. Why? Well, blame those newbie hairs. They sprout like wild beasts, poking and prodding your skin, adding friction and irritation on the surface, and causing a wave of itching. 

Once you speed up your beard growth and it reaches a full-blown length, ignoring its upkeep can become the main problem. All the food debris deposits, sweat, and dead skin cells gradually allow bacteria to grow on the skin around your beard, breeding irritation and, yes, causing more itching. But this can be easily solved by regularly brushing your beard with a Beard Comb or a Beard Brush. Both of these help detangle the hair and remove unwanted deposits.   

Just remember, cleanliness, and regular washing with beard shampoos and conditioners are extremely helpful in keeping the itch-causing bacteria away. Additionally, exfoliate gently to ward off dead skin flakes, and make sure you keep your beard hydrated with a nourishing Beard Oil. 


If you're trying to grow a beard long, the first thing you need to know is that it is not just a fashion accessory. Treat it like a living partner that needs regular care and can’t be ignored. But in the unfortunate event of you letting it be on its own, you may develop acne under your hair, caused because of bacterial infections, dryness or ingrown hair.

But with some gentle care, you can turn the game around and conquer those intruders:

  • Go for regular face washes that don’t strip off too much natural oils from your skin. Go for the ones with deep cleansing power while making sure they do not suck the natural moisture from your skin too much.
  • Exfoliate the skin under your beard with the help of a beard comb or brush. 
  • Dryness can make the acne flare up, so keeping your beard and the skin beneath hydrated is crucial. Regularly use beard oils and balms for replenishing moisture, locking in hydration and keeping those inflammatory fires from spreading to other places.

Ultimately your skin will be healthy and you can continue on your beard growth journey without a hitch.

PROBLEM NO. 3 - Beard Dandruff

Beard Dandruff

Dryness in your skin and hair can lead to more problems than you can imagine, one of which is a burst of beard dandruff. While the dryness and flaking may mirror the condition of your scalp, the snowy battleground underneath your beard calls for a different set of tactics.

First up, cool down your stress meter as stress can throw your skin's oil production into a chaotic frenzy, leaving it parched and prone to flaky rebellions. And why do you need to keep a check on the oil levels? 

There is a microbe named Malassezia that thrives on the oily floor of your skin and when there is too much accumulation of oil, it thinks of your beard as its dance floor. OK, no more jokes. This fungus leaves behind byproducts that can irritate your skin, and over time, this irritation can lead to a skin cell confetti shower – aka, BEARD FLAKES or dandruff. So, to keep your beard flake-free, you need to bring a balance to the oil level on your skin.

Make sure your skin doesn’t get too dry or too oily, so wash your beard regularly and keep it oiled with a good quality nature-based Beard Oil.

PROBLEM NO. 4 - Beard Knots

Beard Knots While Growing A Long Beard

For men gifted with textured or curly beards, knots are a constant problem. Harsh cleansers, parched environments, and even overeager blow dryers can transform your beard into a brittle wasteland where knots develop into an unnatural progression.

A simple solution for this condition is to make sure your beard stays hydrated. Use plenty of Beard Oils, balms or beard butter that not only nourish your skin, but also soften your facial hair, thus preventing strands from snagging and knotting.

But, your biggest friend here would be a wide-toothed wooden comb that gently detangles your beard and keeps it that way. Follow the application of a beard oil with a beard brush or comb in a downward direction to make sure the products are evenly distributed in your beard.

With these little additions and maneuvers, your beard will transform from a tangled jungle into a masterpiece of flow and glory. No more knotted dismay, just beard envy and whispers of admiration. 


You may have to encounter a few bumps while sailing through the voyage of growing a long beard. But remember, it isn’t just the beard you’re growing, it's your story and this is the beginning of it. So grow it long, grow it strong, and most importantly, grow it LOUD.

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