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Cut yourself down there? Here’s What To Do

Cut yourself down there? Here’s What To Do

So, you felt like a maverick and brought the razor to your balls? Let’s begin with a minute’s silence because we feel your pain. The skin on your balls and in your overall groin area is one of the most sensitive in your entire body, and so it’s more vulnerable to irritations. You need to keep it away from chemicals, blades and even too much perspiration. BUT, now that you’re in a sticky situation, here’s a bunch of things you can do to soothe your soul (and your balls).

How Bad Is It Anyway?

You need to begin by first analysing the situation. Is it a minor, superficial cut? Or is it a domestic version of a bloody medieval war? In the latter case, you need to immediately rush to a doctor because your precious twins can’t afford a casual home-grown DIY. But if it’s still the former (and we hope it is), then there’s a standard procedure you need to follow. 

1. Stop the bleeding

2. Wash the cut with soap and water

3. Sanitize the cut

4. Go about the finishing that shave

Step 1: Stop the bleeding 

Use tissue paper to stop the bleeding. Generally shaving cuts in the genitals are superficial and will stop with just a few dabs. Follow this with an ice cube which will contract the skin pores and stop the bleeding, also cooling down any inflammation and beginning the healing process immediately. But all this is based on the assumption that it’s a minor cut and you’re not bleeding a river out.

Step 2: Wash the cut with water & soap

Even if it’s a minor cut, it will still sting a little on contact with water. So, don’t be alarmed when that happens. Wash it gently with cold (room temperature) water and soap. Don’t get all doctor-sy by going straight for an antiseptic and burn the wound with tincture. Just plain water. 

Step 3: Sanitize the cut

Now, I personally know many people who relate the tingling and burning of a disinfectant, aftershave lotion or alcohol with healing, but in reality unless you have a wound caused by rusted metal you don’t need to put your skin through that painful torture. Choose something soothing that contributes to your skin’s healing process. 

Ingredients like witch hazel work wonders in healing the skin without any burning sensations. Try it in Bombay Shaving Company’s Post Shave Balm.

Step 4: Finish what you started

Now that the blood has stopped and your wrinkly skin is not throbbing with any discomfort anymore, go on and finish that shave. Just make sure you avoid the area that got cut in the first place, and follow it with a soothing post-shave balm. 

How to avoid cutting yourself down there?

Now this is something that can save you a lot of trouble. Shaving is an enjoyable experience but usually when it’s done on the face. When you shave any part of your body, you’re dealing with strange angles that you have to bend to, skin that is either too sensitive or not in the habit of hosting a blade, and the phase of a prickly growth that both hurts and tickles you under your clothes. Despite everything, if the heart wants what it wants, you can still shave your pubes. Just keep the following points in mind to make the process safe.

Begin by trimming first.

The hair on your pubic region is usually thicker than the rest. It also tends to grow in unruly curls. So, the first step of shaving your hair down there is trimming the longer strands to a stubble. Once you reduce the length, you’ll no more be bothered with surprise pulls, hair getting stuck in your Razor and most importantly prepare your region for the different steps of shaving. 

Prep your skin.

Once you have trimmed your bush down, prep your skin with a hot towel or a hot shower. This process makes the skin more relaxed and in response it opens its pores up, thus making the hair soft and easier to cut.

Lather it up.

Dry shaving is bad. And it is even worse when you’re doing it on sensitive areas like your pubic region. Always apply a good quality shaving cream or Shaving Foam to the area and massage it well.The lather will further soften the hair and add enough lubrication for your razor to be able to glide smoothly without a scope for any nicks or cuts. 

Use the right razor.

Here’s some drum roll, as you bring out the matador to compromise the raging bull. Make sure you’re using a system razor (the one with cartridges) and not a single-blade razor or a disposable razor. A good system razor offers you better protection against nicks and cuts. Make sure it’s sharp and has a good lubricating strip. 

Check out the new Sensi Range of Razors from Bombay Shaving Company that are sensitive on your skin.

Shave the right way.

If you’ve followed the above steps to the T, the actual process of shaving will be quite safe (i.e. if you know how to handle a razor). Just follow the following tips to ensure you’re doing it right:

1. Activating the lubra strip. 

Immerse the head of the razor in water for about 10 seconds. This will activate the lubricating strip so that it gets soft and you can benefit from the different ingredients it’s made of. All Sensi Razors from Bombay Shaving Company have a lubricating strip made of Aloe vera, Moroccan Argan Oil and Vitamin E, to not only make the process sensitive but also moisturising. 

2. Medium pressure.

Start with short and gentle strokes with medium pressure. If the pressure is too high you will cut yourself in the first stroke itself. And if the pressure is too low you will experience painful tugs, despite sharp blades. 

3. Shaving the balls.

The base of your penis where it merges with the ball sack and the ball sack in itself has a wrinkled, sinewy texture, which needs careful maneuvering. This is where the pivoting action of your razor will come to the rescue. Stretch the skin to make it as even as you can and then gently continue with short and firm strokes. Let the razor guide you, flexing its pivot head at sharp angles.

4. Rehydrate

During the process, you may feel that the water has dried up and your shaving cream has started to solidify. That’s your cue to once again splash some water and reapply that shaving cream. If you feel the need to go back on a certain part, repeat the rehydration process, as gliding your razor on dry skin will simply lead to burns and cuts. 

5. Wash and moisturize

After you’re done shaving, wash the shaven area with normal water. Pat it dry with a soft cotton towel and moisturize it with a good post-shave balm. Hopefully, you won’t have cut yourself this time, but this will soothe the skin if there’s any inflammation or burns. 


A shaving cut in your balls should be taken most seriously because of the sensitive nature of the skin down there. Most of the instances are minor so you can just follow the steps that we’ve outlined in this blog. But you’ll be the best judge of how serious it is. Don’t wait to experiment if you have even an iota of feeling that it’s too messy for you to handle. The safest thing to do is to carry out all the precautions by shaving right. Just make sure you don’t go lazy and skip a step or go overexcited and apply too much pressure. Easy gets it done! 

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