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How to manage Common Beard Problems with Ease

How To Manage Common Beard Problems With Ease

Does your beard look brittle, dry, and lifeless?

Tried hundreds of things to tame it down, but nothing seems to work.

The bigger question! Did you identify the real cause of your beard problem?

Not yet? Not to worry, for we are here to drop some practical and to-the-point knowledge bombs on how to manage beard problems.

Look for the ones you have, and read through them as the solutions to these problems are super helpful and they’ll give you a better insight into your problems and the way you deal with them.

Keep reading to find all the answers to your beard problems.

Razor Bumps

 Razor bumps

Understand what are RAZOR BUMPS:

Razor bumps are the result of shaving when done with improper technique. Razor bumps are those small red or dark red bumps around hair follicles. It happens as an aftermath of ingrown hair wherein the hair starts to curl back within the skin. Known to cause some serious inflammation and irritation, it commonly happens in areas like the face and neck. But with a few tweaks and changes in your lifestyle habits, you can avoid them and reduce razor bumps from developing.

Reasons for this:

  • Shaving against the direction of your hair growth pattern
  • Too much pressure while shaving
  • Use dull blades to shave
  • No pre-shave routine 

Fix it like this:

  • Before shaving, thoroughly wet your skin and hair with warm water.
  • Shave in the direction of your hair growth pattern
  • Rinse your razor more frequently to clean the clogged hair from your razor
  • Avoid using a razor with a dull blade. It will give you more tugs and pulls

Dry and Brittle Beard

dry and brittle beard

Understand what is a DRY AND BRITTLE BEARD:

The short answer is the lack of moisture inside your hair fibres. A dry beard like this can lead to a long list of problems like split ends that can make your beard hard to manage. So, the moment you see your beard, know this is an alarm that it is getting dry. Follow the fixes mentioned below:

Reasons for this:

  • Using harsh products on your skin
  • Too low on hydration
  • Harsh weather conditions 
  • Genetics (that is a pain)

Fix it like this:

  • Clean your beard with a gentle beard wash that suits your scalp.
  • This dry beard condition can be managed with Beard Oil.
  • Detangle and train your beard with a beard comb( it helps with blood flow too).

Patchy Beard

patchy beard

Understand PATCHY BEARD:

Your beard looks patchy because of many factors, and honestly, many of them are out of our control, like the infamous genetics and hormones. Your diet is crucial too. If your diet lacks certain nutrients and vitamins, there is a chance that the lack of certain nutrients could show up as a patchy beard on your face. So, after getting an understanding of this patchy beard situation, there are things you can do to manage it. Follow the fixes mentioned below:

Reasons for this:

  • Genetics and Hormones
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Age (give it time, it gets better)
  • Wrong grooming methods that make less coarse areas appear patchy

Fix it like this:

  • Be patient, grow it out (give it at least 90-120 days)
  • Nourish your beard better with beard oil
  • Get your nutrition on track
  • Even when you are growing a beard, trim the split ends of your beard at least once a month
  • Experiment with different beard styles.

Beard Dandruff

Understand what is a BEARDRUFF (beard dandruff):

Your skin makes oil, which is okay, but sometimes it makes too much. When this happens, the chances for yeast buildup increase, and that disturbs your natural skin renewal cycle. Since the old skin cells are still there sitting on your scalp, there’s a good buildup on your scalp. This is what we call the 'FLAKY SCALP'.

Reasons for this:

  • Yeast growth on the scalp
  • Excessive oil production
  • Hygiene habits and washing frequency 
  • Stress and weak immune system
  • Indoor dry hair (both cold and warm)

Fix it like this:

  • Exfoliate frequently (not more than twice a week)
  • Tweak the frequency of beard washing routine
  • Hydration - Use a high-quality beard oil or beard balm

Thinking of visiting a doctor?

See, most of the beard problems can be managed with homemade methods and a few changes in your grooming routine. However, there are a few cases that require medical attention. If you notice recurring acne, redness, or itching, it could be a sign of any underlying condition. 

Severe cases of razor bumps, inflammation, or infection need medical attention. Conditions like beard dandruff remain stubborn despite changes in your lifestyle. A medical professional can determine what steps need to be taken to manage this.


So, there you have it. These problems are nothing less than a pain for anyone with a beard. But there are fixes to it too. It all starts with identifying the problem correctly. Once you know the real cause of the problem, you can manage it with a few tweaks and changes in lifestyle. However, if things still do not get better, your condition needs medical attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can hard water make my hair dry and brittle?

A. Yes, they can. In fact, hard water can dry and weaken hair. The mineral buildup from hard water creates a barrier that blocks moisture absorption, and this leads to a dry and brittle-looking beard. Additionally, it works the same way for your hair and skin too.

Q. How can I style my beard to suit my face shape?

A. Determine your face shape (oval, square, round, etc.), then choose a beard style that complements it. For example, an angular beard can offset a round face, while a shorter beard suits an oblong face.

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