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Do I Need a Shaving Brush?

Do I Need a Shaving Brush?

When you shave your facial hair, you remove a layer of natural oils from the surface of your skin exposing it to the effects of the blades. Using a lubricating Shaving Foam, gel or cream rehydrates the face, and also acts as a barrier to protect your skin from irritation. If you find that you’re prone to razor burns, bumps, nicks, cuts and generally uncomfortable wet shaves, then using a shaving brush to achieve a thick lather may help you immensely. 

A shaving brush is a hand-held tool that helps make a rich and thick lather before shaving. This creates a protective layer of foam on your face that solves three purposes – one, soften the hair strands, making it easier to shave; two, create a lubricating layer on the face to support easier glides on the face; and three, moisturise the skin, as the razor strips the dead skin cells from its top surface. Using a shaving brush has been an effective way to also stimulate your skin. 

When you compare this to using your hands to spread the foam on your face, a brush has an added advantage of a face massage that is both romantic and practical. On the other hand, it adds another step to the process of shaving, making it more time consuming. 

4 Reasons Why To Use a Shaving Brush

When we think about a shaving brush, we immediately go back in time to when our dads or grand dads used to shave in the morning. That vintage-looking piece still holds a bigger value in terms of creating top-tier thick lathering experience which can’t be replaced by quick-solution cans, foams and gels. Listing a few reasons below why you should consider using a Shaving Brush:

#1 - Creates Top-Tier THICK Lather Easily

Shaving Brush Creates A Good Lather

Look, a shaving brush is not a lathering god when it comes to shaving, or creating the right consistency of lather. But, it is the most friendly experience your skin can feel, making the job super easy for you. Think about it this way, you can use your phone without a cover but having one makes you feel protected and safer, right? That’s how it is with a shaving brush as well.

#2 - There is an element of EXFOLIATION

Shaving Brush Exfoliates Your Skin Mildly

If this surprises you, you’re not alone. After all, how can a shaving brush be even remotely related to exfoliation? Look, a shaving brush doesn’t only whip up the lather, it works in a way that raises the strands of hair and readies them for the blade to cut easily. Some Shaving Brushes, and particularly the ones with boar hair, work as great exfoliators as their bristles gently remove dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin. So, there is a slight element of exfoliation when using Shaving Brush. 

#3 - Blends Ingredients Better

Shaving Brush Mixes Ingredients Well

Shaving Creams contain oils and butters that work together to moisturise your skin. Your Shaving Brush effortlessly blends in these ingredients directly on your face. This way everything swirls on together, making it go from cream to a thick lather, which in turn helps your skin absorb the goodness of its healthy ingredients better. 

#4 - A Sensorial Shaving Experience

A Sensorial Shaving Experience With Shaving Brush

Lathering up with the help of a shaving brush feels like a calming experience, both for the skin and the soul. Most men who are into traditional wet shaving still swear by this romantic gesture. Whipping up the lather on your face and gently spreading the warm froth on your face is nothing less than enjoying a symphony. A Shaving Brush makes this experience even better. Let’s call this a barbershop treatment right in your bathroom.

How to Use a Shaving Brush

How To Use Shaving Brush

Even though this is an intuitive procedure, we’ll expand it for the benefit of all early shavers.

  • Make sure to wet your Shaving Brush before using it

  • Take shaving cream equal to quarter of your finger and apply it on different parts of your face

  • Start brushing the bristles on your face in a circular motion for 40-50 seconds, reaching all the nooks of your face

  • If required, wet the brush multiple times to see your entire face get covered under the lather

  • Start shaving with a Shaving Razor of your choice

  • Finish by rinsing off with cold water

  • Wash your Shaving Brush with warm water and let it air dry

How To Select the Right Shaving Brush?

  • Bristle Type: Amongst many others, the most common types of bristles are boar, badger and synthetic. Out of the three, the boar bristles are the stiffest (not suitable for sensitive skin), while the softest bristles are in the badger brush, with synthetic bristles falling somewhere in the middle.
  • Bristle Length: The only reason why you need to consider the length of the bristles on your Shaving Brush is how stiff it will feel on your face. The difference feels more pronounced if you’re using a harder badger brush. The shorter the bristles, the harder they feel on the skin. For a softer feel, go for the ones with longer bristles.


There was a time a shaving brush was synonymous with shaving. Everyone had one. But with more convenient options like shaving foams and gels, people are moving away from them. But they still hold their original charm and benefits. So, if you’re planning to upgrade your shaving experience, invest in a good shaving brush.

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