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5 Mind Blowing Shaving Hacks Nobody Told You

5 Mind Blowing Shaving Hacks Nobody Told You

Everyone appreciates a smart hack to something that they already know how to do. It’s about adding a nuance and a trick to make the process easier. So, here is a super helpful blog on shaving hacks that every shaver needs to know to make it more comfortable and fun. 

#1 - 10-Second Rule For Lubricating Strip

Razor With Lubricating Strip

No doubt, a multi-blade razor looks sleek. The lubricating strip (that green or blue strip on top) sitting on the top of the cartridge adds a layer of moisture in your process of shaving to make it smoother and safer on the skin. But you can maximise its potential by first ‘activating’ your lubra strip. Just put the razor under running water or immerse it in water for about 10 seconds, so that the lubricating strip comes alive and works as a soft caress each time you glide your razor on your face.

#2- Hair Conditioner as Shaving Cream

Using Hair Conditioner As Shaving Cream

Yes, you heard that right. There may be an instance where you’ve gone on an impromptu trip or have simply run out of shaving cream or foam. Instead of putting your skin under the stress of friction-less glides by skipping the lubrication step, a hair conditioner may come in handy. The slippery nature of the conditioner allows gentle and smooth glides of the razor, while it also softens the hair follicles. Even if you’re all stocked up, give it a try just for the kick. Works like magic.

#3- Keep Your Razor Blades Dry

Keeping Razor Dry For Long Life

What do you do with your Razor right after you’ve shaved? Put it in the cup or a holder after rinsing it? It may not be the most optimal way of maintaining it, as keeping the metal blades dry also ensures that it stays sharper for longer. So, after rinsing, soak it dry with tissue paper or towel and store it in a place away from moisture. Do this and add more days to the life of your razor effortlessly. 

#4- Begin Warm, Finish Cold 

Washing Face with Cold and Hot Water

When you prep your skin before shaving, you always need to wet your face with warm or lukewarm water in order to open the pores on the skin. This also helps soften the hair follicles and make them optimum for a smoother shave. But it’s as important the close the pores after you’re done shaving. As a rule of thumb, you should always finish off your shaves with cold water While lukewarm water helps expand the pores, cold water contracts the pores making sure your skin is safe from the after-effects of using a razor on your skin. 

#5- Avoid Alcohol-based Aftershaves

using alcohal-free aftershaves

Shaving doesn’t end as soon as you drop that razor. It ends with post-shave care to ensure any unwanted cut on the face doesn’t turn into an infectious slit. Enter an aftershave lotion. But most aftershave lotions traditionally used on the face are alcohol based, as they’re designed to be more like colognes that add fragrance to your face and also disinfect it. This inflames the skin and you feel a burning sensation after use.

Instead, use a post-shave balm that doesn’t burn but soothe the skin. The Post Shave Balm from Bombay Shaving Company contains witch hazel and aloe vera to not only disinfect the skin, but also to cool it down and moisturise. 


If you have been shaving for a while, it's safe to say you have a good idea about how to shave correctly. But these hacks will make your experience even better. 

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