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Why 6-Blade Razors Are Better?

Why 6-Blade Razors Are Better?

One of the most popular ways to reach a cleaner and sharper look for guys is styling your hair, both on your head and face. For decades a clean-shaven look was the real popular choice, and then we saw a shift towards keeping a beard. But, a 2019 study shared an interesting insight that shaving still remains the first and the foremost form of self-grooming with 62% of men doing it, followed by trimming.

From a plethora of options available in the fiercely competitive market, razors have obviously seen a healthy evolution, Single blade razors gave way to cartridge razors and then we saw an upward trend of adding more and more blades to this convenient hair removal tool. But even in the world of multi-blade razors, the 6-blade razor reigns its supremacy on delivering really close shaves. When you compare it with a regular single-blade razor you’ll notice that a single-blade razor cuts through what is present on the surface of your skin whereas a multi-blade razor goes much closer in terms of getting rid of unwanted hair – the basic principle of shaving. 

In the following blog we will understand how a 6 blade razor delivers a seamless performance and also relook at some loosely used words like ‘close’ and ‘smooth’ strictly in men’s grooming terms. During the course, always keep in mind that when looking for a razor or the entire process of shaving, the goal should always be getting a razor that gives you closest shaves while being gentle on the skin and reducing any chances of discomfort, razor burns, or ingrown hairs. We’ll also see if the 6-blade razor is really the top performing contender for the ‘Best Razors For Men’ throne. What's the science behind this? And more… So let’s begin.

Science Says ‘It’s Better and More Like An Upgrade’

Science Behind A 6-Blade Razor

Each Blade Has A Purpose: In a 6-Blade Razor the first two blades start the shaving by gently lifting hair from the surface of your skin, which is quite similar to the effect that any 2-Blade razor can give. The successive blades are designed to perform the clean-up mechanism which gives you a closer shave.

More Blades = Less Strokes = Less Skin Friction: All the blades in a 6-blade razor are angled in a way to progressively lift and cut the hair. The higher number of blades means less number of strokes while giving you a closer shave and this reduces the chances of skin irritation and redness. 

Precision and Maneuverability: The modern multi-blade razors, including the 6-blade razor, come with a pivot head that glide on the contours of your face, rising and falling through the unique topography of your face. This means the blade adapts to the shape of your face and each glide aligns to the structure of your face.

Lubricating Technology: 6-Blade razors are equipped with lubricating strips that heal your skin as you shave. Ingredients like Aloe vera, Moroccan Argan Oil and Vitamin E work as a protective barrier on your skin while you shave, hence reducing the chance of friction and skin irritation. 

Close Shave vs Smooth Shave

Close Shave vs Smoother Shave

The two terms are often used interchangeably in popular discourse and we confuse between them two, resulting in a poorer understanding of what to expect from a good 6-blade razor. Let’s start with Close Shaves first. 

A Close Shave is when a razor cuts the hair very close to the skin’s surface, resulting in no visible hair remaining of the skin anymore. This should be your basic expectation from a 6 blade razor, as it has a bundle of ergonomically placed sharp blades, arranged to maximise the results. A close shave results from the quality of your razor, your gliding technique and also on factors like prepping your skin before the actual process of shaving starts.

Now comes a Smooth Shave. While a close shave is the technical function of a razor, a smooth razor is how it makes you feel while and after shaving, along with the result. So, it goes one step further and ensures that there is no friction while you’re shaving, which may otherwise lead to razor burns, tugging and pulling of the hair and the dreadful nicks and cuts. This also depends on the same factors as mentioned above, i.e. the quality of your razor, the technique with which you shave, your preparation before shaving, and also how you care for your skin after the shaving is done. 

A 6-blade razor promises you close shaves, but a good 6-blade razor can also deliver super smooth shaves, by an enriching lubricating strip. Bombay Shaving Company’s Sensi Flo6 – the world’s first 6 blade razor offer Moroccan Argan Oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E in its lubricating strip that ensure really gentle and, what we like to call, truly SENSI shaves.

Why Should You Use a 6-Blade razor?

Why to use 6-Blade Razor

6-Blade Razors are safe to use and suitable for all skin types in most cases, and if you’re looking for reasons to be 100% sure about switching to a 6-Blade Razor here are a few:

Smooth Shaves In Fewer Strokes: The modern 6-blade Razors for men are closely angled in a way that reduce the chances of bulging any skin between them. Additionally, each blade progressively cuts the hair one by one. So, a 6-Blade Razor gives you the closest shaves you can imagine in fewer strokes.

Fewer cuts and nicks: Thanks to their well-positioned and closely-angled blades, 6-blade razors can deliver great results in fewer strokes, which means the chances of nicks and cuts are also reduced manifold. 

Most Advanced Razor In Every Sense: A good 6-blade razor offers you more than just a shaving experience, but with additional features like a black blade, also help you reach and TRIM tricky areas like sideburns, neckline, and the area above your moustache. It leaves no room for ingrown hair and small hair that may be noticed when you observe it in sunlight. 

Why Should You NOT Use a 6-Blade razor?

Man Sacred from a Razor

Skin sensitivity is different for everyone: While 6-blade Razors are gentle on the skin because of their perfectly angled blades and lubricating strip, some people with extremely sensitive skin may experience skin irritation after using them.

There’s a Learning Curve: If you haven’t used a multi-blade razor before, it may take time for you to use it correctly. A multi-blade razor like a 6-blade razor needs fewer strokes and the pressure you need to apply. 

They’re EXPENSIVE: 6-Blade Razors and their cartridges are not bang-for-the-buck products, they’re expensive. So, if you’re not a frequent shaver or basically if you’re on a tight budget, the cost will pinch you dearly. 


Just like Shaving Foam, Shaving Creams, and Shaving Gels are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, Razors for Men have a very similar story. But everything comes down to the point where shaving should be an enjoyable experience and not a chore that’s added to Saturday's to-do list. When looking for a shaving razor, you should look for something that gives you a closer shave while being gentle and sensitive-on-the skin.

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