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Top 3 Methods To Remove Male Pubic Hair Without SHAVING!

Top 3 Methods To Remove Male Pubic Hair Without Shaving!

When it comes to hair removal, shaving tops the spot as the most logical choice. After all it’s painless, super convenient and you have the best tools to make the process feel like a cake walk. 

But many people are apprehensive about shaving their pubic region, the nether area, the most sensitive part of the body. And we don’t judge them or call their apprehensions baseless, because of the location of the area to be shaved, the sensitive nature of the pubic region, and the lack of proper visibility. 

That’s why here’s a shortlist of hair removal methods for the pubic area, other than shaving. Each one of them comes with its own set of precautions and points to remember. So, pick whatever appeals the most to you. 

#1 -The Obvious One - Trimmers for Pubic Region

A trimmer is simply a sensible, no-nonsense choice. And our personal favourite. 

It offers you a balance of smoothness and natural ruggedness, all along with no stress of skin irritation or ingrown hairs. 

Let’s look at the story around Pubic Hair Trimmer more closely and why it is relatively a better choice you can make for your below-the-belt grooming.

No Skin Irritation: The skin on your pubic area is more sensitive than the rest and there are precious things that you don’t want to hurt. So when you use a trimmer, it cuts the hair short without giving a very close shave, thus protecting you from any injury or infection. Your skin is also protected from any type of irritations, itchiness and burns.

Looks More Natural: Come on, someone needs to say this – not everyone dreams of a baby-smooth skin after a grooming session. Pubic hair trimming helps you clean the bush while giving it a very natural rugged look. When you trim your pubic hair, there is a balance of ‘neatly-groomed’ and the grown-up ‘YOU’ factor.

Takes Less Time: When you get a pubic trimmer, you automatically get a ticket to a faster and hassle-free experience, because trimming is less time-consuming and demands no prep or products when compared to any other method.

#2 - Laser Treatment for Pubic Hair 

Laser Hair Removal For Pubic Region For Men

Laser hair removal treatments are targeted towards the ones looking for permanent hair removal. 

Laser hair removal functions by targeting hair follicles with a highly concentrated beam of light, slowing down and ultimately stopping hair growth in the desired area of the skin. 

It takes 6-7 sessions to be hair-free for months or it can extend to a few years too. 

The general observation is that when the hair grows back after months, you’ll notice less and lighter hair in those sections. Take a look at a few upsides of this method:

Long-Lasting: The biggest upside of laser hair removal for pubic hair is the long-lasting results that it promises. This comes after a series of sessions that you need to take. The general observation of this procedure is that you will see permanent hair removal on unwanted spots, but you might require maintenance sessions over time.

More Precision: Laser hair removal works by targeting darker and coarser hair by selecting those hair follicles, leaving the skin around them undamaged. It gives you the freedom to go as precise as you want to still maintain a natural look by leaving behind some hair in the pubic area. 

Less INGROWN HAIR: Since laser hair removal does NOT require pulling out of hair from the roots, there is no chance of ingrown hair, which is a common problem in methods like waxing. 

The CONVENIENCE Factor: You may take longer and multiple sessions to completely get rid of hair, but the process is more or less permanent. Even over time if you experience fresh growth it will always be lighter and softer hair which can be tackled with in single sessions. Moreover, with each session your hair growth decreases, and you'll eventually spend less time on grooming.

#3 - Hair Removal Spray

Although using chemical-based products is generally not recommended on sensitive areas like your pubic region, there are Hair Removal Sprays for Men that are formulated with multiple natural and soothing ingredients to minimise irritation on the skin. If you choose this method over trimming, make sure you start by doing a patch test first. If there is absolutely no irritation on the skin, only then proceed with the whole process.

A hair removal spray has a composition of safe chemicals that dissolve in the skin, make the hair follicles soft and break the keratin down, so you can easily remove them with a spatula or a foam after a few minutes. 

Generally, hair removal sprays are safe, painless and quite effective in results, but beware, some of them may have an unpleasant odour when you use them. 

Let’s look at a few things it brings to the table:

Little to NO Discomfort: Hair removal sprays function by breaking down the keratin in the hair, which makes it super easy to remove hair on your body. Unlike waxing, which is a painful method of pulling hair from the roots, hair removal sprays work on the surface of the skin and are absolutely painless.

NO chance of uneven result: Hair removal sprays provide consistent coverage, ensuring that all the area exposed to the hair removal spray has an even finish, even in the delicate and contoured pubic region.

Hair grows back SOFTER: When you use hair removal spray you will experience a slightly softer regrowth the next time. This is because when you shave your hair, the angle of the cut is very sharp, so the top part of the hair feels like a hard stubble, which is not the case with a hair removal spray, making the hair grow slightly softer than it was before. Each time you will feel a more comfortable hair removal experience.

Reduced Risk of INGROWN HAIR: When used with the correct method you reduce the risk of ingrown hair as they don't cut the hair at or below the skin's surface. All this gives you a more comfortable and bump-free experience.


See, when it comes to removing pubic hair, how you remove pubic hair is totally up to you. What’s best for you can be a fairly good method for someone else. It totally depends on your personal preference, the money or the time you can put in, and how long you want to stay hair-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do pubic hair removal lead to skin discoloration or scarring?

A. This is very rare. Skin discoloration or scarring can occur with some hair removal methods. The best way to prevent this is to check for possible allergens in the products and a proper post-hair removal routine.

Q. Can pubic hair removal impact physical intimacy with my partner?

A. This is a personal preference. For some, pubic hair removal enhances sensitivity and cleanliness during intimate moments. However, more than that, it is crucial to prioritise comfort and safety first in these choices.

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