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How To Deal With The After Effects Of Shaving Your Pubic Hair?

How To Deal With The After Effects Of Shaving Your Pubic Hair?

You have been shaving your pubic hair for a while, but ever thought, are you doing it right? Are those razor burns, and that itching really a part of the process? You may have observed as you shave down there you’re not immune against razor burns and cuts. The reasons for this can be your dull razor blade, your technique, and maybe 20 other things. But the bigger question is how do you avoid it all, and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Well, there is a solution to it. Follow along with the blog and we will arm you with everything you need to fight the after-effects of shaving your pubic hair.

What to Expect Ahead

1. Preparation for shaving your pubic hair

2. What can go wrong after shaving your pubic hair 

  • Razor burn

  • Ingrown Hair

  • Itching

3. Purpose of Pubic Hair

Preparation for Shaving Your Pubic Hair

Prepare for Shaving Your Pubes

  • Take a razor with sharp blades

  • Follow the natural direction of hair growth while shaving 

  • Trim the area with a trimmer before you shave your pubic area

  • Always use a shaving foam or a shaving gel before you start

  • Rinse your razor frequently

  • Use a post shave balm to soothe your skin after shaving

The After-Effects of Shaving Pubic Hair

The pubic region is a sensitive area and the hair that grows down there has a unique character – it is harder and thicker than the rest of the body, and doesn’t follow a symmetrical direction of growth. Most importantly the skin on your balls sack is with multiple folds and wrinkles, making it extremely tricky to run a razor over. As a result, you may experience razor burns, ingrown hair, and eventually an uncomfortable itching as an after-effect of shaving your Pubic Hair. This also depends on your technique and the quality of the Shaving Razor that you’re using. But the good news is that you can easily prevent and treat them. Just follow along and learn how to treat them correctly.

How To Prevent and Treat Razor Burn

Razor burn is one of the common side effects of shaving your Pubic Hair. When you dry shave, go a little too fast, or your razor blades are dull or you’re shaving against the direction of your hair growth, razor burns happen. Here’s how you prevent and treat razor burns


  • Use a sensitive-on-the-skin razor with sharp blades that don’t irritate your skin.

  • Shave along the natural direction of your grain

  • Use shaving foam to add a layer of protection and reduce the friction on your skin as you glide your razor on your skin.

  • Rinse your razor after every glide to avoid hair clogging the blades for smoother shaves.


  • Apply a cool compress to the affected area to reduce inflammation and burning.

  • Use Alum blocks or Styptic pencils to reduce inflammation and burning.

  • Use an after-shave gel to give you soothing relief from pain.

  • Avoid touching the affected area as this makes it even worse and increases your risk of infection.

How To Prevent and Treat Ingrown hairs

The strands of hair that curl back into your skin and take the form of small red bumps are called ingrown hair. Keep reading and follow along to learn how to prevent and treat them.


  • Shave in the direction of your hair growth

  • Avoid pressing the razor against your skin too hard.

  • Use a sharp razor, and make sure the blades are not dull to avoid hair clogging.

  • Exfoliate your skin regularly to remove your dead skin cells as this prevents the hair follicles from getting trapped under the skin’s surface.


Ingrown hair treatment takes a few steps that you can do easily at home or a professional clinic. Let's look at a few things below that may be helpful for you:

  • Apply a warm compress around the affected area as this will soften the hair follicles and make it easy to remove them.

  • As you see your ingrown hair coming out, use a sterile needle to gently remove the ingrown hair.

  • Use prescription medicines to reduce swelling and inflammation around your Pubic Hair

How To Prevent and Treat Itching

People with dry skin face the issue of Itching as an after-effect of shaving. Itching is simply the after effects of razor burn and sweat rocking together in a tandem. If you experience itching after shaving, here are a few ways you can prevent and treat it for good.


  • Shave your Pubic Hair while you’re in a shower, or just go with the wet shaving method

  • Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight as they increase friction and hence lead to more itch.

  • Follow the natural growth direction of your hair when shaving down there.


  • Apply a cool compress to the affected area.

  • Use a moisturiser that is free of fragrance and alcohol.

  • Since your skin gets super dry, use a skin-soothing aftershave or natural oils on your skin as soon as you’re done with shaving to soothe your skin.

But What’s the Purpose Pubic Hair

You might be surprised but your pubic hair:

  • Works as a protective layer against friction and irritation that may happen from tight clothing.

  • Traps sweat and helps you stay cool and comfortable throughout the day.

  • Protects the skin of your genitals from infections.


Shaving your Pubic Hair regularly is a good practice to improve your hygiene and boost your confidence. If you have been experiencing the after-effects of shaving your Pubic Hair, you now have a clear idea of how to deal with them. Follow along, use this blog as a guide, and bid farewell to razor burns, ingrown hairs, and itching for good.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any risks involved with shaving your pubic hair?

A. Yes, there are risks involved when it comes to shaving pubic hair. Of all the injuries, the most common are razor cuts, and razor burns, and rarely there are any cases that need medical attention.

Q. How do I make my balls odour-free and fresh?

A. As a routine, try adding a talc-free body and ball powder. A powder like this eliminates the sweat that can happen throughout the day, thus keeping you fresh and dry down there.

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