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A Guide To Trim Body Hair for Men

A Guide To Trim Body Hair For Men

If you've been having a hard time navigating the road to manscaping your body to perfection, here is your roadmap to learn how to trim hair around different parts of your body. Keep reading till the end to learn the correct method to trim the hair around your different sections of your body for best results. 

Before You Trim Your Body Hair

  • Make sure the blades of your trimmer are sharp to reduce the chance of hair pulling and ingrown hair.

  • Make sure you always use trimmer combs, as this helps you avoid over-trimming your hair.

  • Trim diagonally and against the direction of your hair growth to get a closer trim.

  • Make sure to moisturise your skin after trimming your body hair, as this makes sure your skin doesn’t get dry

How to Trim Your Beard - Once a Week

 How To Trim Your Beard

Your face is the first thing people notice about you, which makes it even more important to look well-groomed. For this, you need to trim your beard regularly. Here’s how you do it. 

Grab a trimmer, and mount a comb between 6mm - 9mm, and trim your facial hair from the sides to the middle section of your face. Doing this sets the base of your overall beard’s appearance. 

The next step is to do the sides. Do this by mounting a comb of size between 2mm - 4mm on your trimmer and try to create a gradual fade effect on the sides. This step makes your face look more structured and creates that tapered look. 

The last step is to do the middle section of the beard. Mount a comb of size between 5mm-6mm on your trimmer and trim your beard till it appears even. 

If you’re unsure about the comb size, go with the highest length size as mentioned for each section and gradually decrease the length as required. Doing this helps you avoid over-trimming.

How To Trim Your Neckline - Twice a Week

How To Trim Your Neckline

If you want to give your beard a well-shaped finish, always shape your neckline. This gives it a sharper and cleaner look. Here’s how you do it. 

Start with finding the centre and the ends of your neckline. Get in front of your bathroom mirror, tilt your head in the upward direction, and find your Adam's apple. 

The next step is to place two fingers horizontally above it and make a cut with your trimmer exactly where your fingers end. Once you're done with this step, make a straight line to either end of your neck and trim everything below those marked lines.

How To Trim Your Underarms Hair - Once a Week

How To Trim Your Underarms Hair

Using a regular Beard Trimmer may hurt your underarm skin. Make sure to use a comb, or even better if you have a trimmer with a specific head for underarms.

Start trimming your underarm hair from the centre and gradually work around the edges. Repeat this process multiple times to make sure everything is trimmed. Doing this ensures neat, clean and hairless underarms for at least a week.

How To Trim Your Chest Hair - Twice a week

How To Trim Your Chest Hair

The way you keep your chest hair is a personal choice. Some men love to rock that Henry Cavil hairy chest look, and some like to keep it clean-shaven, like Chris Evans in Captain America. Honestly, both are fine, but if you were to ask something that works for everyone, the best answer is to trim your chest hair. 

Why? Because trimming your chest hair gives it a more natural look, and in fact, for some, it works as a way to give their chest more definition. Here’s how you trim your chest hair properly. 

Grab a trimmer, mount a 3mm, and start from the centre. After that, work your way out. Be extra gentle around your nipples.

Make sure to spot-check by cleaning the trimmed hair around your skin to see what areas need more attention, and keep trimming till you achieve the look you want to create.

How To Trim Your Private Region - Once every week

Your Private Region has two zones. One is the pubes, which is the skin above and around your penis. The other zone is your balls. The skin around your balls is in folds, so you need to be extra cautious here. 

Here’s how you trim your private region. For the pubes, go slow as you trim your hair down there. Trim your hair diagonally and against the direction of your hair growth multiple times to get an even trim.

Next up are your BALLS. Since the skin around here is in folds, all you have to do is pull the skin around the shaft and scrotum and trim slowly. This method takes slightly more time, but rest assured, this is one of the safest methods to keep your balls and pubes as hygienic and clean as possible. 


Trimming hair on different parts of your body may look like a daunting task, but it's quite simple if you follow all the steps correctly. Make sure you follow all the steps stated above, and in no time, you’ll get that neat and sharp look.

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