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What happens If You Don’t Use Aftershave?

What happens If You Don’t Use Aftershave?

You may be an early shaver or you may be a seasoned one, but no matter how long you’ve been doing this, there are times when you get a little too comfortable and slip. That’s when you get those skin burns and cuts with a Razor. And when your skin is crying for help, you need something to calm it down. An aftershave helps calm that raging storm, depending on how you shave, as an after-effect of the blades gliding on your skin. But how important is an aftershave? Can you afford to simply skip it and still manage to get done with shaving safely? Let’s dig deeper and find out.

Do You Really Need an Aftershave Product?

Do you really need an aftershave

The simple answer to this is ‘yes’ you can skip and still be able to have a pretty decent shaving experience, but if you’re here that means you won’t be satisfied with something ‘pretty decent’ you’re seeking a more evolved experience. And honestly it's not a very smart move when you are susceptible to skin irritations. An aftershave is a skin soothing product that helps you minimise the post-shave skin irritation while reducing the chances of any infections. 

TIP: It's best to go with aftershave products that are alcohol-free and contain ingredients like Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Witch hazel.

What Does An Aftershave Do?

What Does An Aftershave Do

Let’s make it very clear – we prefer to use and strongly recommend alcohol-free aftershave products, because they’re not painful nor do they burn the skin on application. Just the way we like it. So, any mention of aftershave in the following paragraphs is from the point of view of an alcohol-free aftershave lotion/balm.

Aftershaves smell refreshing and give a hint of cooling effect, but their job is not to give you that tingling feeling (like those alcohol-based aftershave lotions do). What makes an aftershave a life saver is its ability to boost the recovery process after shaving. Let’s take a look at how an aftershave saves your skin when it is at its most vulnerable.

Makes Up For The Lost Moisture

The modern day aftershaves are a different tier of moisturiser that not only soothe the skin but also add a thick layer of moisturisation on your skin when your skin is at its most vulnerable. The shaving regimen starts with expanding your pores to make sure the shaving cream penetrates slightly into your skin better, while making your hair follicles more visible and softer for easier and effortless removal. But at this point, your skin is susceptible to getting hurt, and developing infections (if you cut yourself). A good aftershave product is preceded by a cold splash of water that contracts your pores, after which it replenishes any lost moisture during the process of shaving. 

Disinfects From Bacterial Infections

Your skin is prone to infections if you get a cut after shaving. An aftershave product with skin soothing, antiseptic ingredients makes sure the growth and spread of bacteria is neutralised, minimising the odds of getting infections. Good aftershave products have come a long way in the past few years and there is hardly any that makes your skin dry - all thanks to their alcohol-free formulation. Additionally, you can drastically reduce the chances of bacterial infections by following a proper shaving regimen while having good razor hygiene.

Soothes and Calms Your Skin

When you shave you just raze off the top layer of your skin, and when it happens your skin needs some serious care when it's literally crying for your attention. That’s when an aftershave comes to the rescue with its soothing and skin calming properties that puts a halt at skin burns and relieves you of any irritation. 

But What Happens When You Don’t Use An Aftershave?

Why Happens When You Don't Use An Aftershave

Now, time for the bigger question. What happens when you don’t use an aftershave? To start with, the world will not come to an end if you don’t use one. But there are minor episodes of discomfort that you may experience. 

Irritation: If you have sensitive or dry skin, you may feel that your skin is getting irritated after a shave. This is because a lot of the essential oils from your skin get removed with the razor glides during shaving. 

Infections: In the absence of a safety net that an aftershave balm is, a nick or cut may develop some infections if you’re exposed to dirt and pollution. As a result your skin may appear red and itchy and the condition can continue from a few hours to a few days. 

Skin Tautness: A post shave balm also acts up as a moisturiser on the skin, so without a replenishing coat of moisture after shaving, your skin get extremely dry, leading to tautness on the skin. This is especially undesirable in the winters and may lead to other complications and skin conditions.

How To Use An After Shave

How To Use A An Aftershave

Step 1: As soon as you’re done with the shaving part, wash your face with cold water and pat it dry.

Step 2: Take a dollop or two (depending on how much area of your face you’ve shaved) of the aftershave balm onto your fingers and gently spread it across your fingers.

Step 3: Now dab the aftershave on the area you’ve shaved and let the pores soak it in.

Avoid the areas around your eyes.


Aftershaves with some degree of alcohol content have some short-term bacteria-killing properties. Be mindful when using aftershaves with alcohol content as it can dry and damage your skin over time. Instead look for products with more natural, and plant-based ingredient profiles that don’t damage your skin and only moisturise, heal, and soothe your skin. Look for ingredients like witch hazel and aloe vera which are not harsh on the skin when compared to the traditional after Shaving Products. But at the end of the day it all comes down to listening to your skin and choosing the products that work best for you and your grooming routine. 

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