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Protect Your Skin and Beard From Winter Pollution

Winter Skincare For Men

There's something about winters. We love them but not the air pollution that somehow tags along with the chill. As the day passes, the air turns crisp and drier, and this makes your face dull and lifeless. The result of this is uneven skin tone and cracked-looking skin. 

The attack of noxious air, free radicals, and pollution aggressors makes your skin look much older than your age. In fact, a study suggests that toxic polluted air accelerates the skin ageing process. So, how do you make sure your skin looks great, despite the weather and everything that winter adds to the air? Let’s look at a few ways to fight this nasty pollution:


  • Deep Cleansing to remove pollution from the skin

  • Hydration and Moisturisation

  • Adding an SPF

  • Exfoliation to fight Pollution

  • Beard Care

Not just Cleanse, Deep Cleanse 

Deep Cleanse With Charcoal Face wash

A good face wash for your skin will not only cleanse your skin but also save your face from dryness and wrinkles. As far as winters are concerned, what you can do is go for a charcoal-based cleanser, as it has 10X more adsorption power and goes 5X deeper than the usual face cleanser. The biggest takeaway from a charcoal-based cleanser is its ability to deeply remove dirt, dust, and pollution from your face.

Stay Hydrated & Moisturised

Stay Moisturised and Hydrated

Pollution really really sucks the life out of your skin and makes sure your skin looks dull and dry, which is why, applying a moisturiser that hydrates your skin deeply is a necessity. A hydrating moisturiser makes sure your skin maintains its healthy appearance. 

When you make sure your skin is sufficiently hydrated both from inside and outside, you strengthen your skin’s lipid barrier, and this works as a protective layer against environmental factors like pollution. Go for a lightweight, non-sticky, and non-comedogenic moisturiser while stepping out, and make sure your skin looks hydrated without making it look too greasy.

Don’t Skip Sunscreen

Sunscreen During Winters

Sunscreens do not directly work as a barrier against pollution, but they work as a defence mechanism against pollution. Here is how they work when it comes to protecting against the pollution. You should know that the pollutants in the air can react with the UVA and UVB rays, and the fusion of these turns into toxins that are detrimental to the health of your skin. 

This is why, daily use of sunscreen is a must to avoid skin damage as much as possible. A good sunscreen is formulated to be a shield for your skin against the UVA and UVB rays of the skin, and the antioxidants in it can help fight the free radicals caused by pollution. So, as a thumb rule, always, ALWAYS apply a modest layer of sunscreen at least 25 MINS before you step out of your home.

Don’t forget to EXFOLIATE

Skin Exfoliation 

With prolonged exposure to polluted air, your skin’s pores can get clogged with a mixture of dust, grime, and particulate matter, along with dead skin cells. A good exfoliator digs deeper into your pores, and removes all this out, allowing your skin to breathe better and stay healthier. To clear the grimy pollution from your face you need something that goes deep. A Charcoal Scrub does wonders for deep cleansing.  

Start with taking the scrub on your hands and apply it with your fingers on different sections of your face and spread it on your face in circular motions for not more than 30-40 seconds. Rinse off and pat dry your skin. Do this twice a week and not more than once if you have dry skin.

Take Care Of Your Beard Too!

Use Beard Brush

Your beard gets hit hard by pollution during winter. In no time, it can make your beard look unmanageable, scruffy, and flaky. There are two products that you need to keep your beard in good health. They are Beard Brush and Beard Oil. 

A Beard Brush helps manage the frizzy and unmanageable beard. When you use a beard brush, it increases blood circulation, which in turn helps evenly spread the natural oils, remove dirt debris on your beard, and add to the health of your beard. 

Beard Oil works as a great tool to make your beard smoother. Beard Oil adds moisture to the dry skin. Here’s how you apply beard oil. Take a few drops on your fingertips and massage your beard from the roots to the ends. 

Use this combination as part of your regular beard care routine to fight the dryness during winters for a smooth, well-groomed beard.


You might be surprised to know that the effects of pollution are not just limited to dull skin and clogged pores. The polluted air makes it hard for your skin to breathe. It makes your skin irritated, and in fact, it can worsen existing conditions such as rosacea or eczema. The effects of winter are harsh enough to take a toll on your skin, especially if you have dry and sensitive skin. All it takes is to incorporate a well-thought-out routine that suits you and your skin needs. The solutions above are good enough to help your skin look and feel its best.

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