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Tips to Keep Your Beard Healthy During Winters

Winter Care Tips to Keep Your Beard Healthy

You’ve been dealing with winter for quite some time now, and if you have spent more than 20-30 mins in those chilly winds, you may have noticed some dryness in your beard. Winters in fact do a real job of drying out the natural oils and suck all the moisture from your hair and skin. This makes your beard dry, itchy, and lifeless, which leads to poor beard growth. Since the winters are almost here, you may have already started noticing these signs. Below, you can find a few preventive measures to make sure your beard looks and stays in great shape throughout this cold and dry season of the year.

What To Expect Ahead

  • Avoid Hot Water

  • Moisturisation and Hydration

  • Nourishment with Beard Oil

  • The Role of Beard Brush and Beard Comb

  • Avoid Touching Your Beard

  • Good Part About Having a Beard In Winters

Avoid HOT Water

Avoid HOT Water

We all know how good it feels when warm water splashes on your skin during the winter, but ever thought about how it affects your skin? Let me tell you. Warm water dries out your skin, which in turn takes away the ability of your skin to absorb the oils and moisture efficiently. All this makes your beard dry, flaky, and itchy, which is something you don’t want. What you can do is use lukewarm water instead of hot or warm water. When it comes to taking care of your beard during winter, you should know that hot water is the biggest nemesis of your beard, so avoid that at any cost.

Keep Your Beard Moisturised and Hydrated

Keep You Skin Hydrated and Moisturised

Washing your beard is crucial, but if you do it too often, you’re just over-drying your beard. During the winter, you can focus less on shampooing your beard and more on conditioning your beard to lock in the moisture in your beard. The reason why you should avoid shampoos more during winter is because most of them contain sulfates, and they have a very specific name for making your skin and hair dry. So, cut the frequency of shampoo to not more than twice a week.

Nourish With a Beard Oil

Nourish Beard With Beard Oil

As soon as you step out of the shower or wash your beard, make sure to apply beard oil to your beard. It adds a layer of moisture to your hair. It protects your beard from the harsh effects of winter and chilly winds. So make sure not to miss beard oiling and make it an integral part of your beard care routine. Here’s how you apply it in the best way possible. Take around 5-6 drops of Beard Oil into your palms and rub them against each other, and then apply the oil from the tip of your hair to the roots of your hair. 

Add Beard Brush and Beard Comb

Beard Brush and Beard Comb

You might be oiling and taking care of your beard with different products, but beard care doesn’t end there. You need to make sure the products are evenly spread across your hair. That's when a beard brush comes into the picture. Not just that, a beard brush helps increase blood circulation, which adds to the health of your skin and beard hair. If you have a thick, fuller, and longer beard, use a beard brush with a beard comb, as it helps detangle hair and remove dirt and debris from your beard.

Don’t Touch Your Beard

Avoid Touching Your Beard

You seem to be very proud of your beard, and that’s totally fine. But touching your beard or scratching it irritates the skin underneath. During the winter, your skin is dry. It is at its most vulnerable, and when you scratch your skin during this time, there is a high chance that it can lead to skin inflammation. The aftermath of this is skin bumps and ingrown hair. The worst case could be skin infections. So, avoid touching your beard.

Good Part About Having a Beard in Winters

Winter Beard

If you haven’t been planning to keep a beard, now is the perfect time to do it. A well-groomed beard serves as a style statement and works as a practical response to dropping temperatures. If we keep the aesthetics aside for a minute, you might be surprised that having a beard during winter protects your face and neck to a certain extent. If you have a longer and fuller beard, it keeps you warm. But, longer exposure to cold weather sucks the life out of your beard, so it becomes your duty to protect it. Protect it, and be assured your beard will protect you throughout the winter. 


If you are here, we can be sure that now you have a better understanding of beard care during the harsh winter months. Each weather brings a different set of challenges for your beard, and you need to be quick to identify the factors that affect the health of your beard. Be sure to be consistent in your approach and in no time, it will make a world of difference. Follow these tips, and rest assured your beard will be in its finest condition.

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