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Beard Softeners And Everything You Need to Know About Them

Beard Softeners And Everything You Need to Know About Them

What Are Beard Softeners?

Beard Softeners

When you have a coarse beard or you’re growing out your beard, it might get scruffy, dry and somewhat lifeless. All you may see is an unruly mane that’s doing its best to make the appearance of your beard more awkward. To make this UNRULY situation better, beard softeners come out to be the best option to make your beard hair softer, smoother and more manageable. They are formulated with a blend of hair conditioning ingredients like oils, butters and waxes that restore hydration and treat dry, unruly beards to make your beard softer, and hence the name BEARD SOFTENERS!!

How Do Beard Softeners Work?

What Are Beard Softeners

As a thumb rule, when your beard is soft when you touch it, it is healthy. This is a sign that your beard has the necessary hydration and nutrients it needs. If on the other hand, your beard looks dull, feels dry and your skin feels itchy and irritable underneath, that means your hair needs nourishment, that's when beard softeners come into the picture. A dry and scruffy beard lacks a layer of moisture to keep it healthy and hydrated. Beard softeners work by adding a layer of moisture and hydration that help condition your beard. They add moisture, reduce friction, and soften your follicles. As a result, it becomes much easier to style and manage it.

Why Beard Softeners?

How to Use a Beard Softener

1. Softer, Smoother and Manageable Beard

If you have a dry and scruffy beard, think about it – what if you run your fingers around your beard and it feels like a soft, cozy pillow rather than a hard bristle brush? That is exactly what a beard softener does. It adds a layer of moisture, and makes your beard hair soft to touch. In fact, a beard softener not only works to make your beard feel incredibly soft but also reduces the chances of itching and skin irritation.

2. Reduced Frizz

When you’re growing your beard long, there comes a stage where your hair starts to go in any random direction, which is, well, the awkward stage of beard growth. You may be able to manage the unruly hair by trimming it to some extent. And the remaining  frizz can be managed with a beard softener. To manage the unmanageable frizz, beard softeners work by coating your hair shaft to reduce friction, and make sure those unruly strands go away.

3. Managing Coarse Hair Becomes A Cake Walk

It might feel infuriating to manage the coarse hair most of the time, but when you add beard softeners to your beard routine, managing the beard becomes far easier. As you apply beard softener you’ll see how easy it gets to brush or comb your beard and how easy beard styling gets with time.

4. A Healthy Beard Is a By-Product

It's not just aesthetics we want, right? We all want something that’s healthy from both inside and outside. Beard softeners can help you do that. They are formulated with ingredients like olive oil, shea butter and keratin extracts that not only make your beard softer and easy to manage but also contribute to the health aspect of it. A beard softener makes sure your beard not only looks good but also the health of your hair stays in great shape.

How To Use Beard Softeners

Alright, lads, now that you know the “why” of the beard softeners, let's get to the "how” part. Using beard softeners can turn your scruffy beard into a soft, manageable one. 

Here's how to do it right:

1. First, Wash Your Beard 

Just like you won't apply a cologne without taking a shower, same goes for your beard too. Always start by washing your beard before you grab that beard softener. Take a gentle beard shampoo (preferably with a built-in conditioner) of your choice and give your beard a good clean-up. Clean it thoroughly with cold to lukewarm water and pat dry with a towel.

2. Coin-size Dollop Of Beard Softener

If you're new to using a beard softener, let’s talk about how to use it and how much to use based on the size of your beard. If your beard falls on the shorter side, take a coin-size quantity in your palm and you’ll be okay with this. For guys with longer beards, you might need a little more than just a coin sized quantity. Based on the length of your beard you might need to eyeball it, and eventually you'll get the idea of the exact quantity you need. 

3. Apply The Beard Softener 

Now that you have the right quantity in your hands, give that beard softener a little warm up, by giving it a good rub in your palm, and then apply it across your beard. Make sure it's evenly spread across your palms before you start applying it on the beard.

4. Massage Your Beard

After you’re done applying the beard softener, give your beard a nice massage as this increases blood circulation in the skin underneath. This also ensures better absorption and an even spreading of the product. Massage the beard softener on your beard with your fingers, down to the roots. If you feel like the fingers are not doing the trick, get a Beard Comb so you can spread it around your beard evenly, and finish by styling your beard the way you like. 

P.S. Always go for a gentle comb made of wood and by no means resort to a plastic comb. 

Using a Wooden Comb on A Beard


That’s it folks! You see, when it comes to beard softeners, it's not just about making it look healthy, it's also about adding to the health of it. Since you’re reading till this part, it's safe to say that now you are well aware about the ways to manage your dry and scruffy beard and turn it into a soft, fluffy and manageable one. Make sure you wash your beard before using a Beard Softener, apply it and evenly spread it around to get the best results. With a soft, healthy looking and a manageable beard, you'll not only feel more confident but also look like a true bearded badass.

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