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6 Tips On How To Choose A Beard Trimmer For All Types Of Beards

6 Tips On How To Choose A Beard Trimmer For All Types Of Beards

You want to trim it, shape it, and make it look presentable. 

But where do you start? 

How do you choose the right tool to tackle your unruly facial hair?

Gone are the days when men solely relied on razors and scissors to work on their facial hair. Trimmers for Men have grown to be an essential grooming tool that offers better precision, control, and versatility. But with so many different options available in the market, finding the right one can be a daunting task.

Whether you're sporting a full-on looooong beard, a stylish goatee, or even a well-maintained stubble, we've got you covered.


Understanding Different Beard Types

To find one right trimmer that’s best for your beard, it's important to understand the different types of beards and the unique grooming needs they have. 

From short and neatly trimmed beards to long, flowing ones, each style requires specific attention and techniques. Let's take a closer look:


Go for this for a rugged and low-maintenance appearance. Typically keep your trimmer’s clip length at a of 1-3 mm. It requires regular trimming to maintain a consistent and well-groomed look. Opt for a trimmer with adjustable clip length settings to achieve the perfect stubble look.

different types of beards

Short Beard

A length that maintains a great balance between a clean shaven and bearded look. To achieve this look, keep your trimmer clip length setting between 3-10mm. Look for a trimmer that offers multiple length settings and sharp blades to maintain a defined and even look.

Medium Beard

As your beard grows longer, it enters the realm of the medium beard. Ranging from 10-20 mm, this style requires more attention to maintain its shape and prevent unruly growth. Consider a trimmer with longer length settings and additional attachments for shaping and detailing.

long beard

Long Beard 

The long beard is a statement of dedication and patience. Typically exceeding 20 mm in length, this style demands regular grooming to avoid a wild and unkempt appearance. Look for a trimmer with adjustable length options, a powerful motor, and sturdy blades to tame and shape your majestic beard.


A goatee refers to a beard that is limited to the chin area, often paired with a mustache. This style offers a range of variations, from a classic goatee to a Van Dyke or extended goatee. Precision is key when trimming a goatee, so consider a trimmer with fine detailing attachments and a slim design for accurate shaping.

Remember, these are just a few examples of popular beard styles, and there are countless variations and combinations. Each beard type has its own unique requirements, and choosing a trimmer that can accommodate different lengths and provide precision is crucial.

“Beard is your canvas and you are the Picasso, create something unique with your imagination”

By understanding your beard type and its specific grooming needs, you'll be better equipped to select a trimmer that can handle the job with ease. Now that you have a grasp on beard styles, let's move on to our next tip: considering the length options available in trimmers.

Tip 1: Consider the Length Options

When choosing a beard trimmer, one of the most important factors to consider is the length options it offers. Different beard styles require varying lengths to achieve the desired look. Look for these things:

Adjustable Length Settings 

Look for a trimmer that provides adjustable length settings. This feature allows you to customize the length of your beard according to your preference. Whether you want a shorter stubble or a longer beard, having flexibility in length options is crucial. Ensure that the trimmer offers a wide range of length settings to cater to different beard styles. From very short to longer lengths, having a variety of options will allow you to experiment with different looks and maintain your preferred beard length with ease.

Tip 2: Look for Blade Quality

The quality of the trimmer's blades is paramount for achieving precise and comfortable grooming. Consider the following when evaluating the blade quality:

Look for Beard Trimmers with sharp blades that can effortlessly trim through different hair types. Most trimmers for men use self-sharpening stainless-steel blades that do not rust for long. 

While most of the trimmer have stainless-steel blades, some trimmers have ceramic or titanium blades, but they are less common. Sharp blades minimize tugging or pulling, resulting in a smoother and more comfortable trimming experience.

Tip 3: Assess Power and Battery Life:

Power and battery life are crucial considerations, especially if you prefer cordless trimming or travel frequently. Here's what to look for:

Corded or Cordless

This is totally your call, but we’ll help you decide it better. Cordless trimmers offer more flexibility and freedom of movement, while corded ones provide continuous power without the need for recharging.

Battery Life 

Look for trimmers with long-lasting batteries that can go for multiple styling sessions without frequent recharging. Trimmer with a quick charge capacity is an added bonus for those who cannot wait for long and need a quick trim on the go.

Tip 4: Consider Ergonomics and Handling

Often overlooked, the comfort and ease of handling a trimmer can greatly impact your styling sessions. Here are some factors you should consider when evaluating the ergonomics and handling of a trimmer:


Opt for a trimmer with a comfortable and non-slip grip. Look for a trimmer that fits well in your hand and provides a secure grip. A trimmer with better control reduces the chances of accidental slips during grooming.

Weight and Size 

Consider the weight and size of the trimmer. It should feel balanced and not too heavy from any end as a heavy trimmer can cause fatigue during longer grooming sessions. 


Assess how easily the trimmer moves along the contours of your face. A trimmer with a flexible head or adjustable angles enables smooth navigation around facial curves and ensures precise trimming even in hard-to-reach areas.

Tip 5: Check for Additional Features:

Precision Attachments 

Look for beard trimmers that come with precision attachments like detail trimmers or edging blades. These attachments help in shaping and detailing specific areas such as the mustache or sideburns with greater precision.


If you prefer to trim your beard in the shower or want a trimmer that's easy to clean, consider a waterproof trimmer. These trimmers can be used in wet conditions and are generally easier to maintain.

Tip 6: Consider Budget and Value for Money

While choosing a trimmer, it's essential to consider your budget and the overall value for money. Here's what to keep in mind:

Research and Compare 

Research and compare different trimmer models within your budget. For better insight, look for reviews on different websites. Go through their ratings, and user feedback to gauge their performance, durability, and overall value.

Long-Term Investment 

A good trimmer is an investment for your styling routine. It's tempting to go for the cheapest one, or the one that looks the best, but you should consider the long-term durability, functionality, and performance of the trimmer.


Follow these six simple tips, and easily find a trimmer that suits your needs. Always consider features, blades, maintenance requirements, versatility, battery life, and budget before getting one. With these insights, you now know enough about trimmers. So go ahead, find that perfect trimmer, and look your best.

Happy trimming! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When buying a trimmer, should I look for the motor power of the trimmer too?

A. The motor power of a trimmer is crucial for an even trim. A powerful motor ensures the blades cut through the hair smoothly and without any tugs and pulls.


Q. How can I determine the ideal length settings for my beard style?

A. Consider the desired length and look you want to achieve. Start with longer settings and gradually trim to find the beard length that suits your face.

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