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Types Of Trimmers For Men You Should Know About

Types Of Trimmers For Men You Should Know About

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Your hair has different textures, density, and thickness on each part of your body. And every part demands a different set of tools when it comes to grooming and landscaping.

That’s when trimmers come in handy. They are an indispensable part of every guy’s grooming routine, because they give you complete control over the process, along with accuracy and precision. But it’s important to use the right product on the body part it has been designed for.

There are trimmers available for your head, your beard, your body and even your sensitive areas like armpits and pubic region. There are some designed to help you get rid of those hard-to-reach areas like your ears and nose, while some give you the flexibility of styling and shaping. 

Whatever you need, there’s a trimmer for you – the most practical tool to groom it all. 

Multipurpose Body Trimmers

Full Body Trimmer

If you are looking for a one-stop solution for removing hair from all parts of your body, a multipurpose body trimmer is the obvious choice. This one is to ace your head-to-toe styling game in one box. Generally these trimmers come with multiple heads that fit on the same trimmer body (some brands call them attachments, but we prefer to say ‘heads’ as attachments are often optional, while ‘head’ is absolutely essential) and are meant for specific purposes. 

Bombay Shaving Company Full Body Trimmer is a multi-purpose trimmer that offers you hair removal solutions for head, beard, nose & ears and your sensitive areas. It offers different attachments, including a rotary comb that allows you to adjust the length of your to 9 precise lengths.

Beard Trimmers

Beard Trimmer

Designed specifically for the beard, you can use these trimmers to trim the hair around your beard, neck, jawline, and some areas around your ears. They can be fitted with either a T-blade or a U-blade, depending on the need case, and help you get more precise trims. They are powerful enough to trim everything from short stubble to long coarse beards. Additionally, they are designed in a way that you have a firm grip while using them.

What makes Beard Trimmers the most convenient choice is their easy maintenance and great battery life. You can recharge their batteries for a few minutes after every use or choose to go for an hour long charging after 15 or more trims. They are super easy to clean and maintain.

T-Blade Trimmers 

T-Blade Trimmer

The reason why T-blade made it to the list is because when you want to trim the edges, make the sharp lines, or do anything that involves precision the T-blade trimmer takes the front seat.

The best thing about T-blade trimmers is their ability to handle precision detailing and broader strokes simultaneously. Perfecting your neckline and sideburns becomes super easy with a T-blade trimmer. The maintenance is pretty much like a regular trimmer. They require regular cleaning and blade oiling for a consistent and smooth performance for a long time.

Ear and Nose Trimmer

Ear and Nose Trimmer

A compact yet powerful trimming machine, designed to tackle those hard-to-reach areas around the ears and nose. The specialised blade system is designed to trim off the hair without tugging or pulling, ensuring a gentle and painless trimming experience. 

They have protective covers or rounded tips that prevent accidental skin contact, which makes them an ideal choice for areas like nose and ears.

Ergonomically designed, they minimise discomfort, and they are easy to manoeuvre. 

Maintenance requires you to clean them between frequent intervals.

Hair Clippers

Hair Clippers

Used by barbers and hair professionals, hair clippers are designed to trim and cut the hair on your head with precision and safety. Known for their power, they cut through the thickest and dense hair effortlessly.

If you are one of those who are into DIY haircuts or just want to trim your hair at home, hair clippers are an ideal choice for you.

Maintenance is just like any other device. Cleaning at regular intervals, oiling of blades, and blade replacement after the blades get dull for the best cutting performance. Keeping the clippers well-maintained ensures longevity and consistent results.

Pubic Hair Trimmers

Pubic Hair Trimmer

These are specialised trimmers designed to give a neat, natural, and clean appearance in the intimate region. 

The biggest differentiator of the pubic trimmer is their blades and attention to safety. 

They minimise the risk of nicks, cuts, or irritation in the sensitive pubic area. This design ensures a smooth and pain-free grooming experience, making them a trusted choice for personal care.

Many trimmers for the pubic region are designed to be used in the shower, so you can easily go and trim down there without worrying about any damage to the machine. 

Maintenance of pubic trimmers involves regular cleaning and oiling of blades to ensure consistent performance and practise of good hygiene.


To sum it up, trimmers are an indispensable sport of our grooming kit as they cater to the different needs of our body grooming. When choosing a trimmer, consider factors such as your budget, charging time, blade types, and warranty to make the best use of your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it okay to use a trimmer daily?

A. If you want to look cleaner and if your hair grows faster you can go for daily trimming. However, most people go for a weekly or a bi-weekly trim. 

Q. What are the factors I should consider before buying a trimmer?

A. First, the basics of the trimmer. Decide the amount of money you are willing to spend. Charging time and total runtime in full capacity, types of blades, and warranty. If you’re going online shopping then check the reviews too.

Q. Why can I not use my face trimmer on my body?

A. Well, you can, but it’s generally not recommended. The first reason is hygiene, and the second reason is if you use a face trimmer on your body you might experience razor bumps as they are not designed to cut through the coarse and thick hair on your body.

Q. What is the difference between a hair clipper and a trimmer?

A. Their blade size and motor power make them different from each other. Hair clippers chop off the long, coarse hair, but a trimmer has a specific function, and in terms of motor powers, a clipper wins the race.

Q. Corded trimmers or cordless trimmers, which is better?

A. Corded trimmers are restrictive in terms of the areas you can reach. Cordless trimmers give you full control of freedom, making it an ideal choice for those with creative ideas.

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