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What happens when you shave everyday?

What Happens When You Shave Every Day

Let's end this debate for once and all, shall we?

How can we all forget the time when we used to watch our dads lather their faces with Shaving Cream, foaming their stubble, and then shave them with such precision? It was such a curious time for all of us that we used to picture ourselves with shaving foam on our faces and whatnot. 

Fast forward to today, and you find yourself standing in front of that mirror the same way, continuing the tradition passed down through the generations. But amidst the nostalgia and the desire to have the confident look your dad had, you cannot help but question: 

What actually happens when you shave every day? Is it as glamorous as it appeared in your childhood memories, or does it come with its fair share of challenges?

You see, just like that nostalgic memory of watching your dad, the daily shave holds both good, bad, and OUCH moments. On the flip side, the satisfaction of a smooth and refined appearance and the confidence boost that comes with a well-groomed face. But the potential for irritation, razor burn, dryness, and ingrown hair can be dreadful for your shaving routine.

To answer all those questions It is time to become that curious child again. This time you get to look at things from a factual point of view, the good, the bad, and everything around it.


Shaving benefits



The advantages of shaving daily go beyond simply achieving smooth and clean skin and overall appearance. 


Remember when you were a small kid, and you used to see your dad shaving every day before getting ready for work? Even after all these years, he still managed to have better skin than you, right… you get it.

When you shave regularly, the razor gently removes the top layer of dead skin cells, revealing a fresher complexion underneath. This exfoliating effect can help improve the overall texture of your skin, making it appear more smooth and radiant.


By shaving, you not only remove unwanted hair but also enable your skin to absorb moisturisers more effectively. Shaving helps to get rid of any barriers on the surface of your skin. It allows moisturising products to penetrate deeper and provide maximum hydration.

Contrary to popular belief, shaving does not stimulate thicker hair growth. Sad, right? But that is true. The idea that shaving makes hair grow back coarser and thicker is a myth. Factors like genetics and hormones determine your hair growth, not how frequently you shave. 


YOLO……..obviously, you have heard that term. But, ever heard of the term YOYO… means, you are only young once (we just came up with it).

We are sure you have already come across memes where a man with a big beard is prepping to shave, and as soon as he shaves a kid appears. That’s true…..not the meme……..but the idea behind that. 

As you shave you can look up to 10 years younger than your current age, isn’t that great?

Shaving daily can surely help you look fresh and younger at the same time, so why not give it a try for once?


The downsides of shaving


So far, we have discussed the GOODs of shaving every day. But here is the other side of the picture.

Shaving can provide a well-groomed look, but it is super important to look at the potential shortcomings that you might experience with a routine like this.


You might have noticed many people who shave daily or too frequently develop redness and burns on their skin because their skin gets irritated because of friction on the skin. Using a dull blade, pressing too hard, or going over the same area repeatedly can worsen these problems. Proper technique of shaving and using High-Quality Shaving Products (like a Shaving Kit) are vital in minimising skin irritation.


When hair is cut too close to the surface of your skin, it can sometimes curl back and grow inward, causing painful and unsightly bumps, and no one wants to be in that place. In some cases, daily shaving increases your chances to develop ingrown hair, especially in areas with curly or coarse hair. You might want to add a few gentle and exfoliating products to minimise the risk of developing ingrown hair.


It strips off the natural oil, and this repetitively can disrupt its moisture balance, resulting in dry and irritated skin if not supplemented with essential products after the shaving. It is crucial to incorporate moisturising products into your routine and give your skin occasional breaks from daily shaving to allow it to recover.


To sum it up, we can say that daily shaving offers a smooth, clean look, mild exfoliation, and improved product absorption rate. However, do not forget to consider your skin type and be mindful of potential drawbacks like irritation and dryness. Follow a styling and grooming routine that matches your needs and preferences. Self-care and self-expression are the true measures of a well-groomed individual that will never go out of fashion.


Q. Is there a difference between shaving at night and shaving in the morning?

A. Consider shaving at night if your beard does not grow rapidly. Your facial skin is swollen in the morning, which makes it harder to get close to the roots of your hair.

Q. When will I get a thick beard?

A. Your genetics play a primary role in determining the thickness of your beard. Facial hair typically reaches its maximum potential between the ages of 25 and 35. It is greatly influenced by hormone levels such as testosterone and is subject to individual variations.

Q: Single-blade or multi-blade razor. Which is better? 

A: Depends on personal preference and skin sensitivity. Single-Blade Razors can provide a smoother shave for some individuals, while multi-blade razors may be more effective for others, especially those with thicker hair or sensitive skin. Experimenting with both can help determine which works best for you.

Q: Should I shave before or after showering? Which one is Ideal? 

A: Ideally shaving after a warm shower or during a shower can be beneficial as it helps soften the hair follicles and open up the pores. It makes the shaving process smoother and reduces the chances of irritation.

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