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The First Stubble - When And How To Shave For The First Time

The First Stubble - When And How To Shave For The First Time

Seeing facial hair for the first time gives us mixed feelings. It's a blend of excitement, curiosity, and perhaps a hint of nervousness. Some like it, some don’t, and for some, it's nothing more than a hassle. In a situation like this, all you can hear from inside is 


And now you are too confused about how you will look without the beard and what is the best way to do it. So, if questions like this have been living in your mind, keep reading to get all your queries answered. The idea of a clean-shaven face or a groomed beard carries a sense of adulthood and sophistication. 

But how do you know when the time is right? And once you have decided, how do you go about it without turning your face into a battlefield of nicks and cuts? See, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for this.

Throughout the blog, we will share all the essential steps you should incorporate when shaving for the first time. The right time varies from person to person and depends on several factors:

Waiting For The Right Time?..... Don’t!!

There is no age bar for starting to shave. It often depends on the effects of puberty. During puberty, your body begins to produce more androgen. 

Def: Androgen is a hormone that triggers the growth of facial hair. 

For most people, this begins around the age of 12 to 15, but how can you forget genetics right? You might notice that some of your peers start sporting a moustache while others remain clean baby-faced. And hey, that's perfectly normal. Everyone has a different body, and it works differently. So, don’t sit there crying and embrace the unique pace of growth.

Forget The World. What’s Your Preference?

This one is important. While some guys are excited about their facial hair, some prefer a clean-shaven look. So, get your preferences sorted, and make sure it aligns with your style and what makes you feel comfortable and confident. At the end of the day, it's your face and you should decide how you want to groom it.

Who Cares About The Norms?


It sets certain standards for appearance, including facial hair, and for what? 

Shaving or not shaving is a personal choice and it should be a choice that empowers you, not something you do just to fit in. Go break the norms, and experiment with what suits you the best.

Know Your Skin Type and Hair Growth Patterns.

Skin Types

Oily, dry, combination, and sensitive are the four types of skin. Knowing your skin type helps a lot in choosing the right products and techniques that do not irritate your skin after shaving. Let’s say you have sensitive skin, you should go for a razor, Shaving Foam, and after-shaving lotion that minimises the risk of post-shave redness and discomfort.

Hair Growth Patterns

Before shaving, take a look around the areas your facial hair grows and observe the direction of its growth. Try to understand if there are specific areas with more density than other areas. Understanding this will help you navigate your face with precision, and be sure about not missing any spots while shaving.

Get The Right Tools


Of course!! This part is about helping you find the right razor for your skin. For beginners, a disposable razor or a razor with multiple blades is recommended. For people with sensitive skin, it is recommended that you should go for a razor with a lubricating strip with soothing ingredients in it, as it helps heal the skin faster. These razors provide a closer shave and reduce the chances of nicks and cuts. 

Shaving Cream or Shaving Gel

This one’s important. A good shaving cream or Shaving Foam creates a protective layer between your skin and the razor. It reduces friction and the chance of skin irritation that happens during shaving. Go for a product that suits your skin type and is free of harsh chemicals.

Post-Shave Balm

Post-shaved skin is more sensitive and prone to irritation. Aftershave products help soothe the skin and close the pores, preventing ingrown hairs. Make sure to use a moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated and healthy after you’re done with shaving.

Make Your Skin Shaving Ready

Get Yourself Shaving Ready


A gentle cleanser and warm water are what you need. This process removes dirt, oils, and dead skin cells, and helps in achieving cleaner shave.


Lift trapped strands of hair and prevent ingrown hair with exfoliation. Use a mild exfoliator to gently scrub your face, and focus more on areas with thicker hair growth as that area has more dirt, and debris sitting there.

The Shaving Process

Clean your face

This helps remove any excess oil, dirt, and debris that might be on your skin. A gentle cleanser specifically works best as other cleansers can strip away natural oils, and make your skin irritated.

Open the pores

Splash some lukewarm water on your face. It opens up the pores and softens the hair follicles, as it is easy to get a closer shave like that.

Use light pressure

Use a gentle touch and let the razor slide on its own. It minimises friction and reduces the chances of irritating your skin. Be patient, be gentle, and go with light strokes rather than putting excessive pressure on your skin. 

Dealing with Different Areas

Different areas of your face have distinct contours and hair growth patterns. Here is how to shave these areas:

Cheeks: gently shave upward and follow the direction of hair growth.

Chin: go for short careful strokes here, especially around the curve of your chin.

Upper Lip: again, be careful here too. Shave by pulling the upper lip tight to get a smooth surface.

Neck: Go from the bottom of your neck and upwards from that and follow the grain of your hair.

Post-Shave Care

Cool it down 

After you’re done with the shaving process, rinse your face with cold water. It helps close the pores and gives your skin that well-needed soothing. Dry your face with a clean towel and look for any missed spots and areas that need touch-ups.

Aftershave product 

Investing in an aftershave product with skin-soothing ingredients can protect your skin in the long run. These products can calm Post-Shave redness or irritation while nourishing your skin.

Maintaining a Shaving Routine


This depends on your hair growth. You might need to shave every day or you might need to do it after every few days. Observe your hair growth pattern and adjust your routine accordingly.

Razor Care 

To keep your razor last for a longer time, this is a crucial step. After each shave, rinse and dry your razor to prevent rust and maintain its sharpness. Replace blades regularly for a clean, effective shave. Try adding a razor sharpener to your shaving kit. Research suggests that using a Razor Sharpener increases the blade’s life by up to 50%. 


Seeing your first facial hair is a sign that you have become a man now. It is a feeling of excitement and uncertainty. The ideal timing for it depends on your body and preferences matter more than what others say. When you shave for the first time, remember to know your skin and hair, use the right tools, and go gentle on your skin. Finish with soothing post-shave balms. Have a routine and keep up with it and take care of your razor with a razor sharpener.

Happy Shaving!!

Frequently Asked Question

Q. How do I maintain my razor for better performance?

A. Rinse and dry your razor after each use to prevent rust and keep it sharp. Regularly change the blades to ensure a clean and effective shave. Try using a razor sharpener. Studies suggest that it can extend your razor’s life by up to 30%

Q. How do I choose the right shaving cream or gel?

A. Pick a product that matches your skin type and is free from harsh chemicals. Study your skin and learn about ingredients that might affect your skin and then make a choice. A good shaving cream works as a protective barrier between your skin and the razor.

Q. What tools do I need for my first shave?

A. Tools include a good Sensitive Razor, shaving cream or gel, and an aftershave product.

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