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Dry Shaving Vs. Wet Shaving

Dry Shaving Vs. Wet Shaving


Let’s make it clear. 

A conversation about dry shaving often makes people picture themselves with a manual razor in hand, trying to shave their beard without any shaving foam or even water. 

No, dry shaving is not about that. It is when you use an electric shaver to shave your beard without any product on your face. 

Now, can you stop picturing yourself scrubbing a razor on a dry face? It is painful.

Let us get back to THE WET SHAVING vs. DRY SHAVING story!

To put it in simple words, wet vs. dry shaving can be translated to blade shaving ( wet shaving ) vs. electric shaving ( dry shaving ). 

Keep reading and understand everything around this WET vs. DRY shaving debate today.

Shaving razors for men


When talking about wet shaving, it is always about shaving with a razor blade. Here is how razor blades work. 

The blades are designed to glide the razor on your skin. They lift the hair follicle before shaving it off. We have multi-blade razors that give you a closer shave. 

The blades of multi-blade razors are angled for a super smooth shaving experience, like the razors from Bombay Shaving Company’s Sensi Range, designed to be sensitive on the skin. 

The positives of wet shaving

Wet shaving is how it is traditionally done. Also, you get the closest shaves when you use this method. 

Wet shaving starts with dapping warm water on your face that expands your pores, followed by applying skin-friendly Shaving Foam, gel, or cream.

After all, this gives a smooth glide when the razor moves along your face when you wet shave. 

When it comes to wet shaving, you need to have multiple skin-friendly products that suit you. 

Having a good shaving kit makes your job less tedious. Good products accompanied by a good shaving technique mean less chance of pulling on your skin and causing irritation.

Less irritation, means you avoid razor bumps and ingrown hair after shaving.

The negatives of wet shaving

The other side of the picture!

When it comes to wet shaving, there are a few things that you should consider.

The chances of getting nicks and cuts reduce when you have a clear understanding of your skin type and know the technique. 

Mastering the art of shaving is a piece of cake.

Using so many products is a time-consuming activity. These steps involve making your skin wet, applying shaving cream, gel, foam, and shaving sections of your face with light, slow, and controlled strokes. 

If you’re not the disciplined kind but need to shave every day, this may lead to last-minute scrambling out of the home when you need to reach in time for a morning class or meeting.

dry shaving


As discussed earlier, dry shaving is all about an electric razor and not using a manual razor on your face to get a clean-shaven look. 

Here is how dry shaving AKA shaving with an electric razor works. Instead of the traditional blade-and-lather approach, an electric razor uses high-speed rotary blades. 

Electric razors can effectively deliver a smoother, nicks & cuts-free shave with their rapid blade movement.

They use a lift-and-cut action, where the blades first lift the hair, bringing it to attention, before making precise cuts at the surface of your skin. 

Modern electric razors come with sensors and smart technology that adjust their power and blade speed based on the density of your facial hair. 

This is a go-to choice for those seeking a quick, fuss-free grooming routine. The concept of dry shaving strikes a balance of speed, precision, and ease.

The positives of dry shaving

The idea of dry shaving is appealing only because of the kind of ease and simplicity it brings with itself. 

Think about it, When it comes to shaving with a manual razor, you have to follow a lot of steps and be completely aware of how you’re handling your razor lest you get a cut. 

The electric shaver on the other hand doesn’t need such thoughtful handling. It is perfect if you’re in a rush and need a quick shave without the mess and potential risk of cuts that can happen with wet shaving. 

The negatives of dry shaving

The compromise you have to make with dry shaving is the closeness of the shave. Despite the blade technology, electric shavers are unable to replicate the no hair left behind feel of traditional shaving. 

So, if you’re the kind of guy who likes to run his hand on his face and not feel even the trace of an evening stubble, then dry shaving is not for you. The rotary blades also make it hard to shave hair from places such as the space between your nose and upper lip. 

Also, if you have sensitive skin, shaving without foam will irritate your skin and increase the chances of razor bumps and ingrown hair. If you notice redness, add shaving foam before using your electric shaver for a smoother dry shave.

dry razor vs safety razor


There are several ways to shave today, but if we were to put it under a category, you would see there are only two methods of shaving. 

Wet shaving and dry shaving. 

While one gives you the closest shaves, the other is time-saving and convenient. 

Make a choice depending on factors such as skin type, beard density, time, effort, and cost you can invest in a shaving routine. 

Whatever method you choose, always follow the right method to shave.

Happy Shaving!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the correct method for a wet shave?

A. The typical procedure for wet shaving involves dampening the face with warm water, applying shaving cream, gel, or foam shaving with a razor of your choice with short strokes applied without too much pressure preferably in the direction of hair growth and finishing with post-shave products like aftershave or balm. Learn the art of shaving here in detail.

Q. What skin types are suited for wet shaving or dry shaving?

A. Wet shaving and dry shaving go well with all skin types, but wet shaving is preferred by those with sensitive skin. 

Q. What’s the best way to shave when I have sensitive skin?

A. When it comes to shaving sensitive skin, always use the razor in the direction of your hair growth, as it will make shaving easier on your skin. When choosing a shaving razor, go for the one designed to be sensitive to your skin such as the Sensi Smart 3, followed by a post-shave balm to calm the irritation that happens during shaving.

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