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6 Reasons Why Shaving Is Still Relevant For Younger Men

6 Reasons Why Shaving Is Still Relevant For Younger Men


Today, most young guys like to sport a full, styled beard, and for all the right reasons. Having a beard adds more gravity to your appearance, gives your jawline a better definition, and most importantly, allows you room to get creative with your look. But keeping your beard in good health demands shaving it off every now and then. 

Yes! Having a beard means not having a beard occasionally. You might be surprised that shaving comes with a host of skin benefits that we bearded guys can’t afford to skip. We’ve picked the top 6 reasons why shaving is still super relevant for younger men. 


Shaving removes dead skin cells

You may have seen your dad shaving almost every day for the most of your childhood. But have you ever noticed how balanced and even his skin looked? Because shaving worked as an exfoliator and pore cleanser for him.

For all non-shavers (and quite a lot of regular shavers), exfoliation remains quite an unnoticed benefit. When you glide your Razor on your face, you’re not just shaving off the top layer of hair from the skin, but you're also clearing off a layer of dead skin cells from the surface. 

Shaving works as a mild exfoliator that helps clear dead skin cells sitting on your face. This helps remove dirt and debris from your skin and also keeps the pores clean. So, be it pollution or other environmental factors, shaving is an easy way to maintain the health of your skin.


Shaving Helps Clear The Pores

Sweat, humidity, and pollution increase the accumulation of dirt on your skin. This combination settles at the openings of your pores. Shaving helps fight this battle to clear up the sebum that can clog pores and lead to skin issues. It prevents pore blockages, reducing the chances of blackheads and acne. 

You might not want to involve yourself in a complicated time-taking skincare routine (don’t we just hate anything complicated!). Hence, shaving is the most practical and time-efficient method to maintain clean and healthy skin.

Next time you take a razor in your hand, remember that you’re not just shaving, you are following a skincare routine (sort of).


Shaving Demands Less Maintenance

The point is maintaining a beard of a perfect length takes work and it is a never-ending quest. It involves regular trimming, shaping, and combing. On the contrary, shaving requires far less effort and day-to-day upkeep. Shaving can fit into your morning routine very easily and it won’t be a hassle. It's simply a straightforward process, and in no time you can look neat, clean, and sharp.


Shaving Helps in Better Product Absorption

Yes, you heard that right. Shaving enhances your skin’s ability to absorb skincare products. It is pretty basic, when you shave, all you’re doing is removing the top layer of your skin that might act as a barrier to any skincare you apply on your face. 

To put it in simple words, when you apply moisturisers, serums, or sunscreen, they can penetrate your skin better. So, for younger men who plan to keep their skin healthy and revitalised, shaving is a strategic way to reap the maximum benefits of your skincare products. This is a simple yet effective way to boost the impact of your skincare regimen and keep your skin healthy.


Shaving Doesn't Make You Less Manly

Probably the biggest misconception that floats around the trimmed vs shaved debate. If you look closely, all this is channelled towards looking more masculine. The reality is far from what most people know. In reality, either of these doesn’t determine your masculinity. 

Today, we can see many young men rocking that clean-shaven look like a badass. The way you carry yourself, and your style exudes your masculinity. So, if that is stopping you from looking clean and sharp, now is the time to break the chain and grab that razor.

Trends may come and go, but we’re very certain about the fact that a clean-shaven look will NEVER go out of style.


Shaving takes less time and cost

Shaving simply is a practical and cost-effective way to groom. Take a pen and a piece of paper and write down the costs that are incurred for shaving vs other methods. You’ll be surprised how shaving wins on every front. 

Let’s look at it if you want to keep a beard. You’ll need a trimmer, beard oils, balms, and combs. The cost of all these products adds up with time. The other side of the picture is shaving, which only requires a good razor, shaving cream, and a post-shave product.

So, shaving any day saves both time and money. It is a practical and efficient choice that helps you look clean and sharp. A no-fuss, and a cost-effective way to maintain your appearance without spending too much time or money.


The utility of Shaving is not just confined to hair removal. It is a practical way to exfoliate your skin and clear dead skin cells while preventing pore build-up. Additionally, it doesn’t add too much to the cost. It is cost-effective, and it's simply a convenient choice for the ones who do not want to spend too much time on grooming.


Q. Is there a specific age to start shaving?

A. The age at which young men start shaving varies. Often determined by the way puberty hits you. It is best to go for a complete shave when you see some noticeable facial growth.

Q. What are the mistakes I should avoid while shaving?

A. Avoid using dull blades at all costs. Do not press too hard. Lather well before shaving. Not following a proper shaving routine leads to skin irritation, discomfort, and infections in the worst case.

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