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Beard Comb Vs Beard Brush

Beard Comb Vs Beard Brush

Short Answer: You Need Both!

Growing a good beard takes both time and work. And one part of that ‘work’ is keeping it prepped and conditioned. Enter beard combs and brushes. They not only maintain a neat look for your beard but also help with better absorption of nutrients into the follicles. But if you compare the two, they have quite distinct propositions and this is what makes both of them important for any guy who likes to grow a beard.

In summary, beard brushes are ideal for styling, smoothing, and distributing natural oils, while beard combs are well-suited for detangling, shaping, and providing precision in grooming. Many individuals use both a beard brush and a beard comb as part of their grooming routine, choosing the tool that best suits their specific needs at a given time.


Beard Brush Basics

A beard brush is primarily a grooming tool with bristles that are softer when compared to a regular hair brush. It is used to keep your beard detangled, and helps with styling and smoothing it, to keep your facial hair looking neat and well-maintained.


  • For Longer Beards: The soft bristles of a beard brush help in untangling and smoothing out longer hair strands, so they’re best suited for any beard which is longer than 3 inches in length.
  • Styling and Shaping: It is an excellent tool to train your hair strands to grow in a certain pattern and get the desired look for your beard. You can maintain a natural appearance with it by styling as per your face shape.
  • Distribution of Oil: It helps to distribute the oil evenly in a dense and bushy beard. While your fingers work perfectly well in oil application, a beard brush also massages the surface of the skin, literally showing the oil the way into the roots and follicles of your hair.
  • Gentle Exfoliation: When you use a beard brush on a shorter beard, it comes in direct contact with the skin underneath and helps gently scrub off all the dead skin cells, build-up and debris that is sitting there. While a comb also does it, but owing to the larger surface area that the bristles of a brush offers, it is more effective than its sleeker counterpart.

Don’t get us wrong by the first point above. A beard brush is not meant ONLY for longer beards but is best suited for them. If you’re someone with a pretty thick or long beard, you will relate to all the common problems that come along with the length – tangles, settling debris and stray strands making you look messy. A beard brush will help you all these situations. But it can be used on any beard length, as part of its job is related to the skin underneath the beard. It gently removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin under the beard and allow your beard to grow faster and healthier.


Beard Comb Basics

Just like a beard brush, a beard comb is also a handy grooming tool that helps manage and maintain your mane. The main point of differentiation is that instead of bristles, a beard comb contains evenly spaced teeth or prongs that are designed to smoothly glide through your hair, untangling all the knots and beginning back a hayward mane into shape. You’ll find combs made with different materials, but the best suited for your beard are those made of wood. 


  • For Shorter Beards: A beard comb is most suitable to be used on shorter beards, as it helps manage shorter hair strands better. 
  • Better Control and Precision: A beard comb offers better control in grooming your beard because of its sleek shape. You can make quick touch-ups to bring back any stray strands in your moustache or beard, and continue looking neat.
  • Detangling: If your beard is prone to clumping together in messy knots, regular combing will not only help untangle it by freeing the hair, but also prevent future tangling.
  • While Trimming: An interesting use case for a beard comb is when you are trimming your beard. Combing down your beard before trimming it gives you better control over how much you trim and what areas you isolate to get the desired look. 
  • Oil Distribution: Just like a beard brush, a beard comb also helps you in evenly distributing oil to the hair strands closer to the skin. In fact, a beard comb is better for oil distribution even in longer beards.
  • Pocket Fit: A beard comb can be carried anywhere easily as it perfectly fits your pocket, literally. 

Besides everything else, a wooden beard comb also helps control the static in dry hair strands, especially when the beard is long. Using a plastic comb, however, will add to the problem of staticky dry hair. 


Always. No matter what the length of your beard, if you’re serious about the upkeep of your beard, you should have both a beard brush and a beard comb in your stack. Both these tools will allow you to do certain things that will help you build a healthy grooming ritual. There are a lot of overlapping benefits, but those individual traits are what make all the difference. For example, while a beard brush is excellent for gentle exfoliation, a Beard Comb assists you in trimming and maintenance. You can’t replace one for the other.


Both beard brush and beard comb are like two sides of the same coin. You can’t separate them from each other, even though they look like replaceable alternatives. They’re equally important and have their specific roles in your beard grooming ritual. 

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