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Unboxing The Premium Multigroomer: 2 Magnetic Attachments For Beard And Body Grooming

Unboxing The Premium Multigroomer: 2 Magnetic Attachments For Beard And Body Grooming

The Premium Multigroomer from Bombay Shaving Company takes the LESS IS MORE saying to the next level. 

Trim your beard, chest, arms, nose and ears evenly with two quick-snap magnetic attachments.

Charge to maximum capacity in just 2 hours for 90 minutes of non-stop runtime.

Before using for the first time, make sure you charge the trimmer till the LED display shows 99. 

Designed to easily trim through the thickest hair on your body with the least fuss, all thanks to the powerful motor and self-sharpening stainless steel blades

The premium chrome body with an LED indicator has great flaunt value as much as it has functional value. 

In the BOX

What's in the BOX for Premium Multigroomer

Beard and Body Head

The premium multigroomer’s beard and body head is an all-in-one trimming tool designed to trim, style and contour beards as well as efficiently trim body hair

Nose and Ear Head  

Build with protective guards on each side to make sure the blades do not come in direct contact with the skin. This attachment helps you get a clean look while reducing the risk of cuts, ingrown hairs, or tugs. Use the nose and ear attachment once every two weeks to maintain a clean look.

Multi Styling Rotary Comb (1 mm - 9mm )

Gives you more room to try different styles with your beard. 

1 Trimmer Pouch

Keep all the attachments, comb, trimmer and cleaning brush at one place and hang in your bathroom for easy access to them every time you trim.

1 Cleaning Brush

After trimming, the next step is cleaning your trimmer. Grab the cleaning brush given in the box. This thoughtfully designed no-slip cleaning brush has a firm grip. Its soft bristles make them easy to clean.

What makes the Premium Multigroomer so GOOD!!

90 Minutes Of Runtime On A 2-Hr Charge: Supercharged with a powerful battery that keeps your trimmer running for weeks on a single charge.


2 Magnetic Body Attachments: The Premium Multigroomer has two magnetic attachments - 1 nose and ear head and 1 beard and body head to trim the hair around your beard, chest, and arms.

IPX6 Waterproof: This Premium Multigroomer can withstand high-pressure water streams from any angle, which allows you to go for those quick trims even during your shower.

Multi-Styling Rotary Comb: Gives you the room to try unlimited styles.

Rotary Comb

LED Battery Display:  So you know exactly when to charge

What’s in the BOX:  1 Premium Multigroomer Trimmer, 1 Beard and Body Attachment, 1 Nose and Ear Attachment, Multi Styling Rotary Comb (1 mm - 9mm ), 1 USB Cable, 1 Trimmer pouch and 1 Cleaning Brush.

How to use the Premium Multigroomer Trimmer

  • Before the first use, charge till the battery indicator displays a 99% battery capacity

  • The trimmer body comes with a beard and body hair attachment already mounted

  • Glide the Premium Multigroomer against the direction of hair growth to get the desired trim

  • Use the rotary multi-styling rotary comb if you wish to achieve different styles on your beard

  • Turn the dial on the comb and set it to the desired length setting. Keep the comb size between 1mm - 3mm for a very close stubble look

  • Higher number you set on the rotary comb, the lesser hair will be trimmed.

  • For trimming the nose and ear hair, grab the magnetic nose/ear attachment. Since this is a quick snap magnetic attachment, you will hear a sweet click sound when it is attached to the trimmer

  • Use the nose/ear attachment in your nostril or ear and rotate it lightly to remove hair. Be gentle. Don’t apply pressure.

How to take care of your Premium Multigroomer Trimmer

Premium Multigroomer

  • Clean your trimmer after each use and dry it with a soft cloth.

  • Store it in a dry and moisture-free environment, away from direct contact with water

  • Do not fully submerge in water. The full body Trimmer is not designed for that.

  • In case, you drop the Premium Multigroomer in water, dry its parts as quickly as possible, and do not use it until it gets completely dry.

  • Do not charge it when the Beard Trimmer and the charging cable has splashes of water on it.

  • Keep out of reach of children.

Premium Multi Groomer

Final Notes 

Redefine your look with ease and precision with the Premium Multigroomer. Whether you’re shaping your stubble or just manscaping, the Premium Multigroomer is your way to go. With just two magnetic attachments you can trim almost every part on your body that has hair.

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