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HeadShaver PRO With 5-Floating Magnetic Blades For Wet And Dry Shaving

HeadShaver Pro for the people who shave their heads with 5-Floating Magnetic Blades For Wet And Dry Shaving

Congratulations on getting the HeadShaver PRO by Bombay Shaving Company. Use this guide to make the most of it and learn how to use it the best way. HeadShaver PRO is a compact device that can easily fit into your hand. It is easy to handle, even for people who have little to no experience in shaving their head at home. Use the HeadShaver PRO to give yourself a salon-like experience at home in 2 minutes.

Why is HeadShaver PRO the best head shaver yet!!

5 FLOATING MAGNETIC BLADES: A faster and smoother head-shaving mechanism with blades that easily move across the shape of your head and neck. It is designed to give you a comfortable and pain-free head-shaving experience. 

Suction cup on the headshaver pro

AUTO-CLEANING SUCTION SYSTEM: It traps shaved hair inside its body so that it can be easily disposed of later without making a mess outside and around your bathroom. 

IPX6 waterproof headshaver pro

IPX6 WATERPROOF: Take it to the shower BINDASS as the HeadShaver PRO can easily withstand high-pressure water streams from any angle. 

HeadShaver pro is gentle on scalp

GENTLE ON SCALP: The floating blades have a protective foil on top of the blades that makes it a safer choice for your scalp. While the protective layer entraps the hair, the blades below do the shaving. 

90 mins battery performance in HeadShaver pro

90 MIN RUNTIME ON 2 HR CHARGE: For a long and non-stop head-shaving experience. Forget about having to charge it for long hours.

Strong Non-Slip Grip for the HeadShaver PRO

STRONG & NON-SLIP GRIP: Designed to be handy, the HeadShaver PRO has a comfortable non-slip grip so you can enjoy your shaving experience without dropping or damaging it.

what's in the box of headshaver pro

What’s in the BOX

  • HeadShaver PRO

  • 1 USB Cable

  • 1 Cleaning Brush

Prerequisites before using the HeadShaver PRO

  • Other than HeadShaver PRO, get a towel, post-shave balm, trimmer, and a mirror to observe your final look.

  • Prepare your head for a good head shave if you have longer hair. Use the trimmer (or clipper) to trim them down without attaching any combs on it.

  • After you have trimmed your hair, move to the HeadShaver PRO to start shaving your head.

How to Use the HeadShaver PRO

Make sure the length of your hair is not more than a short stubble before you use it. Use it every second day or third day to avoid trimming your hair first. 

  • Charge the HeadShaver PRO for 2 hours before the first use.

  • On average, one charge will give you about 15 shaves.

  • Switch on the shaver and work it around your scalp by moving it in a circular motion. 

  • Start at the back of your head and make your way to the front and sides.

  • Run your fingertips on the shaved area to check that all hair is removed.

  • The shaver works best on very short-length hair, so we recommend shaving your head at least twice to thrice a week.

  • End the head shave by using Bombay Shaving Company’s Post Shave Balm to moisturise your scalp after every shave.

How to Clean the HeadShaver PRO


  • Lift the 5-blade rotary shaver head and wash it under a stream of water.

  • Detach the blades, clean the body of HeadShaver PRO with a brush, and remove accumulated hair separately.

  • Dry the blades and the shaver body with a soft, dry cloth.

  • Fix the magnetic blades head back on the body and store them in a clean place.

Here’s How You To Take Care Of Your HeadShaver PRO

  • Clean all the parts after each shave separately.

  • Once every week, deep clean all the parts and de-grease any build-up.

  • Try to keep it away from moisture when not in use.

  • Even though the trimmer has an IPX6 rating, it is a good practice to not submerge electronic items in water completely.

Final Message

With HeadShaver PRO, you can easily shave your hair around the head and neck for a salon-like finish in just 2 minutes. Its magnetic clip-on blades are extremely convenient to clean after each use and are suitable for wet and dry shaving. 

The auto-cleaning suction system collects all the hair debris, so you can toss it out later without turning your bathroom into a hairy mess. But that’s not all. Its non-slip grip is super steady, making it easy to manoeuvre on your head. 

And safety? The HeadShaver PRO has a protective foil on top of its blades, which makes it super gentle to use on your scalp.

Clearly, all this makes it one of the best head shavers in this segment.

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