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5 Things to Keep In Mind Before You Buy Trimmer Online

5 Things To Keep In Mind Before You Buy Trimmer Online

Whether you’re a seasoned beard connoisseur with hordes of beard products in your bathroom cabinet, or just exploring the game of the whiskers, you can’t deny the need to own a good trimmer. But with trimmers packed like sardines on the internet, each one claiming to be a game changer, it’s hard to select the right gadget. So, let’s separate wheat from the chaff and nosedive into the most important things to keep in mind before you buy a Trimmer Online.


Battery performance

This is hands down the most important factor to consider before you make a decision of buying a trimmer online. You don’t want to be left high and dry by a product that goes against its claims of making your life easy and bamboozles you with a flat battery. Read up the claims that the brand makes and corroborate them with user reviews before making a choice.

Make sure it comes with flash charging. If your trimmer is able to get fully charged in 2 hours or less, go for it. Any time more than that is an insult to human intelligence in this time and age. 

Make sure it lasts you a couple of weeks on a single charge. It is sheer waste of money if your trimmer refuses to wake up after a week’s rest in the closet. A good trimmer must last at least 80 minutes on a single charge. With the thumb rule of spending a maximum of 6 minutes on a single trim, it must go on for more than 12 trims.  



Signature grey trimmer


If batteries are the brains, blades are definitely the brawns of a trimmer. Butch up your trimming experience with high performance blades that allow you precision and safety. There are two types of blades available and based on your usage you could go with either of them, namely T and U blades. T-blades offer you more precision and a wider area to work on, while U-blades are more conservative in shape and get the work done equally well. 

Make sure the blades are non-rusting. Be them stainless steel or the more expensive option of titanium, the blades must always be non-rusting to ensure longevity. So, look for these keywords before making a choice, eg. Stainless Steel T-Blades. 

Make sure the blades are self sharpening. This is important for two reasons. One, self sharpening blades increase the overall life of a trimmer and add to its longevity. Two, they ensure that you never hurt yourself, as blunt blades tend to pull hair follicles and cause pain or/and injury.



Cordless or corded trimmer


Remember the time when everything that ran on some form of electricity was always corded? Telephones, speakers, earphones, computers, and so on… Then came the cordless revolution that took the world on a portable ride. While it’s an individual decision to go either way, there are some pros and cons that point a certain way.

Choose a way that’s completely safe. While most trimmers are designed to offer you a totally safe experience, lose wiring or a damaged piece of equipment may pose, however miniscule, risk of electrocution, if the trimmer is corded. The risk is further mitigated in a variant that is cordless because of batteries.

Choose a way that’s liberating rather than restrictive. Cordless trimmers give you freedom of mobility and not tie you down to an electric socket. Why would you choose something that limits your use to a confined space? If you still like the romance of a corded machine, there’s no argument good enough to change your mind.



When everything is said and done, it all boils down to the most rudimentary point of the money being spent. Always have a price range in mind, so that there are no inflated expectations followed by disappointments. Having said that, follow the plus-minus rule so that you have access to a wider spectrum of products. The plus-minus rule is to add a rounded off figure or subtract it from your budget, to get a glimpse of a wider offering.

Make sure you get full value for your money. More important than how much you spend is what value you receive on a price. If a cheap product rips you off on quality it is worse than spending more on an expensive product with good quality. Make comparisons and then, maybe, apply the plus-minus rule to reach the final decision. 

Make sure you weigh all your options. Make a thorough comparison among all trimmers available in your budget. Stick to the basic things you’re looking for rather than expecting a whole range of features at a cheap price. Chances are if a deal is too good to be true, it has a catch.



Bombay Shaving Company Logo


Just like you’d trust Christopher Nolan and not Karan Johar in the genre of science fiction, make sure the brand you’re considering to buy your trimmer from is a trusted name in the category. There are several brands that are making everything under the sun just because they’ve gained popularity in their niche category. Remember, their expertise is invested in their singular category and not in all. Don’t be fooled by the tide of recognition they may be surfing on. Always Take It From The Expert.


Besides the 5 extremely important points to consider before exercising your judgement to buy a trimmer online, probe further with the following questions:

What accessories are being offered along with the trimmer? But don’t just go by how many things come packed in the box but by how many of them are actually useful to you.

How much range does the trimmer offer? This will answer whether the trimmer will address all your needs, like trimming a beard, clipping your hair, trimming your nose/ear, etc. Having said that, ask yourself how much of it is really relevant to you.

How compelling is the design of the trimmer? This may be a deal breaker for the ubersexuals of today, so make sure you’re satisfied with the design aesthetics being offered by the gadget. 


Whatever your budget, there’s a beard trimmer waiting for you somewhere. Just go through all the boxes and check them before making a decision. Also, your friends’ choice may be different from yours as there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to buying trimmers. Happy shopping. 

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