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5 Beard Grooming Mistakes You Should Avoid

5 Beard Grooming Mistakes You Should Avoid

Growing a beard is a commitment that more and more men are taking on everyday. But just like any other relationship this one demands dedication, fidelity and perseverance. It’s the lack of these attributes that brings about so many beard blunders and ultimately a break up in the form of a full shave. Trust us, we love both a clean shaven look and a full-on beard equally, but it’s the resentful resorting to one or the other that we can’t bear to see. 

Fundamentally, ‘poor beard grooming practices’ is the main reason why many men fail to sport a beard. To some, the effort seems too elaborate and time-consuming, while to others investing in themselves is not a natural instinct. But there are some common mistakes that people make while still making the effort, which leads to disappointing results. Just avoid doing the following and see your beard transform into an enviable specimen.





One of the biggest dilemmas that a beard keeper finds himself under is where to stop when shaving their neck. When the beard sprawls unevenly under your chin, spreading along your neck, it’s nothing short of a challenge to mark that line. If it’s too high it will wreck your overall appearance, by making your face look smaller; and if it’s too low then instead of making you look neat, it will take away the symmetry from your already messy look. It’s important to strike that sweet spot which makes it look just perfect.

What to do instead?

The good news is that you can hit that sweet spot yourself at home by just following the following: 

1. Place your first finger and middle finger (together) above your Adam’s apple horizontally. Keep your head straight, looking forward, without leaning your head backwards, like you do when shaving, otherwise it will compromise the viewing angle and make your neckline deeper. This is where you should mark the lower edge of your beard. 
2. Use a sharp Safety Razor to mark this line, in order to be absolutely precise, or simply do it with a Trimmer without the combs.
3. If you have already marked the line a little too deep, and it looks unflattering, then reduce the hair on your cheeks to make the length of your neckline look less noticeable. 

Check out the Signature Grey Beard Trimmer from Bombay Shaving Company for precision.



Beard oil


Beard oil is the sole provider of nourishment for your beard and the skin underneath, besides conditioning the hair follicles with ample moisture. If you don’t have a beard-oil added in your daily regimen you are exposing your beard to a series of threats, like beard dandruff, itchiness, inflammation and flaky skin. This is true not only for people with long beards, even an inch long stubble qualifies to be thoroughly oiled with a good beard oil in order to send the required nutrients inside. 

How to use beard oil?

Include beard oil in your daily grooming ritual to ensure better beard health and growth. 

1. For mid to long beards. Pour a few drops of the beard oil on your beard directly from a dropper across its full growth. Massage well with your fingers, allowing it to be properly absorbed by the skin underneath. 
2. For long stubble to short beards. Take a few drops of the beard in your palm and rub it in with both hands. Then massage the oil in your beard properly, making sure it reaches all hair strands properly. Follow this with a beard comb to distribute the oil evenly.

Check out the Cedarwood-infused Beard Oil from Bombay Shaving Company for hassle-free maintenance.



Beard comb


When you start growing a beard, the upkeep is the last thing you think about, especially the part that is seemingly as unimportant as combing or brushing it, right?. But just like the hair on your head, your beard requires regular brushing for the health and appearance of a good looking mane. 

Benefits of regularly brushing and combing your beard

1. Neat & tidy look. Brushing your beard makes it look more presentable immediately.
2. Keeps it clean. Your beard is prone to collecting bits and pieces of everything you eat. Regularly brushing it ensures that these unwanted tidbits don’t stay stuck in there for long, causing any bacterial growth.
3. Untangles hair strands. When hair get tangled they form knots, which can escalate breakage and cause patches in your beard. A regular practice of brushing your beard can ensure that it doesn’t get tangled in the first place, saving you all the trouble that may have followed. 
4. Spreading beard products. Combing or brushing right after applying a beard product, like an oil, spreads it better and more evenly across its growth. It also carries it into the skin and assists in the process of absorption.  
5. Promotes better skin health. Brushing or combing your beard also stimulates the skin cells underneath, improving blood circulation in the area and thus its overall health. 
6. Trains hair growth. You read it right, it doesn’t just improve hair growth but also trains the hair to grow in the right direction. Always brush your beard in the direction of growth so that if some hair strands are growing outwards, they can course correct and grow in the desirable downward direction. 


The ‘shape of your face’ should be the deciding factor for your hairstyle and beard style. If it looks good on Chris Evans, it doesn’t mean it’ll look good on you. Follow a simple thumb rule, the perfect face structure is in the shape of an oval and the job of your facial hair should be to help you achieve just that. Adding angular edges to it would be a desirable plus. So, whatever look you want to create with your beard, make sure your face doesn’t look too wide (chop the sides if the length and width of your face is the same) or too long (don’t let the beard grow too long on your chin if the length of your beard is more than the width). 

This is How You Can Easily Identify Your Face Shape to choose the right hairstyle/beard style that'll suit your face. 



Mustache care


Our previous generations focused a little too much on moustaches and we have over-compensated by totally ignoring them. When grooming your beard, don’t forget to take care of your moustache as well. The best moustache can make all the difference between classy and weird. Never keep it too short or too long. If your moustache is growing over your lips, that is too long. If you can see a lot of your skin above the lips, that's too short. Stick to the sweet spot between these two extremes. 

The second factor to consider is the volume. Do not reduce the density on the Mo-hair thinner than the rest of your beard. Also, do not curl your mustache on ends if they have the volume of your eyebrows. Let them grow wider, and keep them trimmed in the center, if you choose to curl. If you want to know how big a part it plays in your overall look, imagine yourself without one while keeping your beard intact. It will be hard to even recognise you. You can really empower your beard by involving the moustachio when creating a look. Comb it, oil it, wax it and keep it in order with a pair of scissors, and see the difference it creates in your overall appearance.


The biggest grooming mistake you can make is compare your beard with someone else’s. The guy next door may be sporting a stunning beard that’s more trendy but that doesn’t mean you need the same look. It is supposed to complement your personality and face, and everyone has a different face shape. So, don’t judge your style with that of another; choose your unique style, and make it work. Keep your beard the right length, give it a trim whenever needed, and always use healthy and natural products. Remember, taking care of your beard is like maintaining a car - constant attention and genuine products will ensure great looks and a wonderful performance.  

If you’re having trouble growing your beard, try a dedicated Beard Growth Kit from Bombay Shaving Company that comes packed with a derma roller and a beard growth oil.

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