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From Bush to Bare: A Beginner’s Guide for Pubic Hair Removal for Men

A Beginner’s Guide For Pubic Hair Removal For Men

For men who grew up in the 90s and are fans of the quirky-comedy-bordering-ridiculous ‘Scary Movie’ franchise that spoofed iconic horror films of the era, the impressionable scene of the lead character’s bushes releasing bats and what-not may have been the first instinct that ushered them towards manscaping their nether regions (down under). For the uninitiated, the idea of removing hair from the pubic area can be daunting. However, it is becoming increasingly popular among men to groom and remove hair from this sensitive zone. 

There are many reasons why men are opting to remove their pubic hair, ranging from hygiene and aesthetics to sexual preferences and better intimate experiences. If you're considering removing hair from your pubic area for the first time, this beginner's guide to getting started will be extremely helpful, as we touch upon the different ways you can bring this about and then detail out all the steps from the most suitable method.


There are many ways people go about removing their pubic hair, but before we talk about that, let’s first establish what degree of hair removal you should be looking for. The most practical and desirable result from manscaping the pubic area for men is to make it look & feel neater and more navigable (wink wink) rather than reach a porcelain-like smoothness. One of the reasons for this is the regrowth when the stubble begins to sprout out very fast and prickly. So our advice is to trim the hair short (very short) in order to achieve neatness and non spiky regrowth. 

Having said that, these are the different ways you can choose to get rid of your hair down there:

1. Snip snip snip: You can use a pair of scissors to get rid of the overgrowth. This is the most traditional form of trimming before trimmers came into the picture at all. 

Challenge: The length of the hair left behind will be uneven and usually longer than desirable. Also, the position of the pubic region is not the most scissors-friendly, so you may find it difficult to chop your pubes in that strange angle.

2. Shave-o-gram: Some individuals prefer to shave their pubic hair using a razor. Itf you choose this make sure your razor is sharp and that you are extremely careful, because a small mistake at this angle can cause serious damage to your precious spot.

Challenge: The pubic area is sensitive and shaving can easily result in nicks and cuts. Additionally, when the hair start to grow back, they are prickly and cause itching and irritation. 

3. Taxing waxing: This is the most traditional form of body hair removal practiced by women across the world. It is the process of pulling out hair from its roots with warm molten wax that’s applied on the desired area on your skin and pulled out with the help of a fabric strip. It offers the most long lasting results, as new hair regrow from their roots and take time to sprout out of the surface.

Challenge: It’s a painful process. Imagining someone pulling out on the dense mass of your chest hair. 

Acute pain tolerance is more consistent over time in women than men. And obviously they have way lesser hair than men. So, what’s suitable for them, may not be as appropriate for their male counterparts. 

4. Cream redeem: Depilatory creams or popularly known as hair removal creams dissolve the hair at the surface of the skin through chemicals and are a painless way of removing body hair. They are often also used in hospitals and during surgical procedures.

Challenge: Depilatory creams have chemicals in them and the skin in your pubic area is usually more sensitive than the rest of the body, so applying them there may cause irritation and adverse chemical reaction. 

5 Trim the rim: The latest and the fastest growing in popularity among men is getting rid of pubic hair with a trimmer. It is faster than other methods, gives you a closer trim and is absolutely painless.

Challenge: The skin around your balls is uneven and due to the sideways movement of blades on a trimmer, you are exposed to the threat of nicks and cuts.

Our Choice: Trimmer For Pubic Hair

By far, using a trimmer is the best way to get rid of your pubic hair, and also the most preferred among men who are sensitive to grooming trends. It can really help to keep the area neat and tidy while reducing the risk of ingrown hair and irritation that may occur with other hair removal methods. 

Trimming also gives you the control and freedom to style your pubic hair. You can trim them down to a natural look or achieve a more personal expression through a manicured shape. And most importantly, if you are looking for a closer shave, it allows you to prep them for a safer shaving experience.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to remove your pubic hair:


It's important to choose the right trimmer for the job. Many people think it’s OK to use their beard trimmer on their private parts, but not only is it unhygienic, it’s also an impractical choice from a safety point of view. 

While beard trimmers are made with stainless steel or titanium blades, Bombay Shaving Company Pubic Hair Trimmer - Landscaper 2.0 is made with ceramic blades, which are longer lasting, and deliver a smoother & faster cut than their steel counterparts. Additionally, ceramic blades are hard, non-porous and chemically resistant which make them safer than other metal blades. 


Before using the trimmer, make sure your groin area is both clean and dry, as wet skin can cause the hair to stick together, making it difficult to trim evenly. Moreover, using a trimmer on wet skin can increase the risk of nicks, cuts and skin irritation. 


Start at the base of the pubic area and move the trimmer in the direction of hair growth. Use smooth, even strokes and take your time to ensure an even and safe trim. You may need to go over some areas more than once to get rid of all the hair, because of the position. 

For better results, trimmers with narrower heads work better as they can be easily navigated through difficult angles. Landscaper 2.0 from Bombay Shaving Company not only features ceramic blades but also a narrow head for easier navigation in the pubic region. It is even equipped with an LED torch which turns on as soon as you turn on the trimmer. In order to ensure seamless performance and avoid unpleasant surprises, it comes with a battery display panel that records the level of battery left.


Periodically check your progress by using a mirror or asking a partner. This will help you see any missed spots or areas that need further trimming. When you feel you’re done trimming the hair on your pubic area, wash it with water and check back for any hair left. Pat it dry and depending on the desired look/length of the hair, get rid of undesired hair that you may have missed.

If you wish to shave the hair in your pubic area, make sure it is followed by the first 4 steps, otherwise the length and density of hair may cause your razor to not perform at its optimum best. Apply foam on wet skin and use a system razor (one with multiple blades and a lubricating strip) to gently shave the stubble left behind. Make sure that the razor has sharp blades to avoid tugging on hair. 

In both the cases, trimming and shaving, follow the process up with a gentle moisturiser to soothe the skin and prevent any irritation.


After trimming, it's important to clean the trimmer thoroughly. Use a small brush or cotton swab to remove any hair or debris from the blades. You can also rinse the blades under running water if the trimmer is waterproof. Bombay Shaving Company Landscaper 2.0 has IPX6 waterproof feature which means it can safely be submerged in water up to 1 metre and without any damage whatsoever.


Using a trimmer to remove pubic hair is a great way to keep the area neat and tidy without completely removing all the hair. Follow these steps to ensure a safe and effective trim. Remember to choose the right trimmer, take your time, and check your progress frequently. Happy grooming!

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