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What Kind of Beards Do Girls Like?

What Kind of Beards Do Girls Like?

For centuries, beards have been a source of intrigue and a powerful symbol of masculinity. From the rugged mountain men of folklore to the clean-cut Hollywood elite, facial hair has undergone countless transformations in attractiveness.

But what about the modern woman? What kind of beard does she truly find appealing? Contrary to popular belief, there's no single answer etched in stone. Attraction is complex and influenced by individual preferences, cultural background, and relationship goals.

However, by delving into studies, surveys, and women's voices, we can unveil some fascinating insights into the world of beard styles that women prefer in men.

Beard Styles and the Degree of Attraction – Scientific Point of View

In a 2013 study titled “The Role of Facial Hair in Women's Perceptions of Men's Attractiveness, Health, Masculinity, and Parenting Abilities,” the researchers confirmed that the beardedness of a man affects their socio-sexual attributes.

The study confirmed that “intermediate” beardedness is what most women find the most attractive in a man. Conversely, a man with a full beard is better perceived to be a father and provide security and protection to their family.

So, it's safe to say that even studies confirm the correlation between your beard style and how women would perceive you as a potential match for themselves.

Best Beard Styles Women Love

Now that you have an answer to the burning question, “Do girls like beards?” it's time to discuss what kinds of beard styles women prefer.

Again, note that every person’s criteria for “attraction” are subjective. Based on survey and research findings, consider these answers more broadly.

1. The Stubble

If there’s one beard style that is versatile and usually suits most men, it’s the stubble. The best thing about stubble is its appearance and how easy it is to manage. Psychologists theorize that this might be because a well-maintained stubble beard strikes a balance between ruggedness and refinement. It signifies that a man can care for himself but isn't afraid to get messy.

2. The Classic Beard

Next, we have a well-groomed and shaped full beard. It exudes a sense of maturity and confidence, which many women find flattering. Surprisingly, research has associated a classic beard with traits like dominance and leadership. Usually, a well-maintained beard properly frames the facial structure, further adding definition to the jawline for a more masculine appearance. Psychologically, a well-groomed full beard requires dedication and care, which women often see as a sign of maturity and responsibility.

3. The Goatee

The classic choice for both men and women, the Goatee, is that one beard style that never fails. It usually does suit the more evolved and slighter older men, compared to the younger crowd. One of the reasons why many women gravitate towards men with a goatee is because the style looks mature and quite sophisticated. Rocking a goatee indicates that you mean business. That said, the goatee can be a love-hate style, too, especially if it's not groomed well or lacks fullness. Maintaining clean lines around the goatee can also be crucial to avoid an unkempt appearance. Whether a goatee is perceived as attractive depends on the overall execution and the wearer's confidence in rocking the style.


4. The Verdi

If there’s one beard style that’s defined as the “statement” piece, it is The Verdi. Named after the famous Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, whose signature look sported a full beard with a connected moustache, this style demands attention. The Verdi can be particularly flattering for men with rounder faces, as it can help elongate the face and add definition to the jawline. However, this is not an easy beard style to maintain. You might have to indulge in regular trimming to keep the lines clean and the beard from looking rough and overgrown. Good quality Beard Oil or balm is usually key to conditioning the hair and preventing itchiness and irritation.

5. The Van Dyke

Another classic beard style that leaves women swooning is the Van Dyke. It’s the one you see Robert Downey Jr. sporting most of the time. This classic style features a pointed goatee with a connecting moustache. For better definition and framing of the facial structure, the sides of the cheek are typically clean-shaven or have minimal stubble. It is a simple yet sophisticated choice that works great for all face shapes. Also, its versatile style can be adapted to different lengths and thicknesses, making it suitable for various preferences.

How To Pick a Beard Style that Women Love?

While there's no guaranteed "women-love-it" beard style, here's a roadmap to finding a beard that complements you and your facial structure. Pair that with some confidence and kindness in your mannerisms; there’s nothing more you’d need to make a woman go crazy about you.

Consider your facial structure

When choosing a beard style, the most important aspect is considering your face shape. For example, if you have a round and chubby face, you want to opt for beard styles that add a slimming effect to the facial structure instead of adding volume. Opt for styles that soften the jawline if you have a square face.

Think about your hair growth

Do you have patchy hair growth on your beard? If yes, shorter styles like stubble or a goatee might be easier to manage. You might want to explore fuller styles like a full beard, Verdi, or Anchor if you have thick growth.

Maintenance matters

Women overwhelmingly prefer well-groomed beards. Regardless of style, keep your beard clean, trimmed, and conditioned to avoid an unkempt appearance. Not maintaining and grooming your beard will make it look rough and unruly, which will detract from your points with the ladies. Regular grooming with a good-quality electric trimmer is thus a must.

Confidence is everything

No matter what beard style you rock, confidence makes you stand out. When you project confidence, it shines through and becomes universally attractive, attracting women.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, the best beard for you is the one that you feel confident and comfortable in. With so many different beard styles known to mankind, choosing one can be a hassle, especially when you want to look your best. So, the next time you're contemplating a beard change, remember: there's no single answer to please every woman. Focus on what makes you feel good, maintain a well-groomed look, and let your confidence shine.

And, for grooming and maintaining your beard, let Bombay Shaving Company take the reigns on that.

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