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Unboxing The Full Body Trimmer For Head-To-Toe Grooming - 5 Magnetic Heads & Rotary Comb

Full Body Trimmer

There’s a trimmer for this, there’s a trimmer for that, 

And there’s one for ALL OF THAT. 

Ace your head-to-toe grooming game with five easy-to-clip magnetic attachments with the Full Body Trimmer from Bombay Shaving Company. 

What’s in the BOX

Clipper Head for Beard and Hair

The one head you will probably use the most, the clipper, is a broad head which comes pretty handy when you want to cover a large area to trim. You can add a comb and get a haircut or use it for styling your beard.  Go ahead and grab the clipper head when you want to maintain a clean, sharp look with little effort.

Precision Head for Fine Trimming

Fine tune your trims with the precision head. Helps shape your beard line, sidelocks, cheek hair, and neckline with a sharpness you appreciate when you have an eye for detail.

Shaver Head for Electric Shaving

Once you’ve shaped the areas like neckline, sideburns, cheeks, and nose bridge with the precision head, use the shaver head to remove any extra hair for a smooth and even trim.

Body Head

Some men choose to wax, and we ask why. Why go through all that pain? Skip the pain and use the Full Body Trimmer for painless body hair removal. Trim your chest, back, underarms and pubic hair  with a quick snap magnetic head that’s smooth, convenient and totally safe. 

Nose and Ear Head

Plucking hurts, we all know that, but do you know it increases the chances of infection? Avoid this, and use the nose & ear attachment to get rid of that irritating hair without snags or tugs.

Rotary Comb

Attach the rotary comb to your clipper head to get the desired length of beard.  You can rotate the comb to get so many styling options to satiate your creativity

Charging Dock

The box comes with a unique dedicated charging dock. Just place it and plug it. Additionally, this dock doubles up as a stable stand to keep your trimmer and all the other trimmer heads at one place. So no more excuses for losing any trimmer attachments

Cleaning Brush

After your trimming sessions, use the cleaning brush given in the box to clean your trimmer. A thoughtful non-slip design for a comfortable grip and effortless use. It has soft bristles that make them easy to clean.

Full Body Trimmer by Bombay Shaving Company

What makes the Full Body Trimmer so GOOD?

5 MAGNETIC ATTACHMENTS: The multi-body trimmer has five quick snap magnetic attachments - 1 Nose & Ear head, 1 Body head, 1 Shaver head, 1 Clipper head for scalp hair and beard trimming, and 1 Precision head for shaping your beard with precision.

5 Magnetic Attachments

90-MIN RUNTIME ON 2-HOUR CHARGE: Powerful battery life for an uninterrupted and smooth head-to-toe trimming session.

90 Minutes of Runtime

SLEEK CHARGING DOCK: You will find a dedicated charging dock. Additionally, this dock doubles up as a stable stand to keep your trimmer and trimmer heads in place. 

NOTE: Charge the Full Body Trimmer till the battery indicator shows 99 before using it for the first time. 


How to Use The Full Body Trimmer

  • Insert the individual quick-snap magnetic heads on the Full Body Trimmer.

  • Your trimmer is ready to use as soon as you hear that sweet click sound when the head attaches. 

  • Pull the magnetic heads upwards to remove the attachments.

  • Glide the Full Body Trimmer against the direction of your hair growth to achieve the desired length and closer trim.

  • Use the trimmer with a clipper head and rotary comb to vary the length of trim you seek. 

  • Adjust the rotary comb settings as per the style you want to achieve.

  • Additionally, you can use the clipper head without the rotary comb for closer trims.

Full Body Trimmer

Here’s How You Can Increase The Life Of Your Trimmer

  • Clean your trimmer after each use and dry it with a soft cloth.

  • Place it in a dry and moisture-free environment.

  • This trimmer is washable but do not fully submerge in water. The full body Trimmer is not designed for that.

  • Just in case, you accidentally drop it in water, try to dry its parts as quickly as possible, and do not use it until it gets completely dry.

  • When charging, make sure the Beard Trimmer and the charging cable are not wet.

  • Keep out of reach of children.

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