Shaving Cream and Brush Combo

3 x 100gm

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Creates luxurious shaving lather

This combination of brush and cream work in perfect harmony to give you a clean, smooth shave. The whisper-soft brush is crafted with synthetic fibres, designed to hold enough water to whip up a rich lather. The luxuriant shaving cream envelops you in our fresh, signature fragrance, while lanolin, menthol, tea tree and aloe vera extracts sink in to hydrate your follicles.

Net weight: 3 x 100gm

Shaving Cream and Brush Combo


  • Soak your shaving brush in warm water.
  • Take a dollop of cream in your hand.
  • Lather using the brush with gentle circular motions, and apply.
  • Ensure the area to be shaved is covered in a generous amount of lather."

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