Shave & Bath Travel Kit

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Don't leave home without the finest shave & bath care essentials. Packaged together in a handy travel kit, it includes everything you need to groom well while you're away from home- a Shaving Cream that moisturises your skin, a Double Edge Razor for a clean, close shave and a Post-Shave Balm that helps restore your skin's natural moisture. To compliment your shaving experience, we added our Refreshing Bath Soap to ensure your bathing experience is just as immersive.

Included: 1 Shaving Cream (45 gms), 1 Post-Shave Balm (45 gms), 1 Double Edge Razor, 1 Refreshing Bath Soap, 1 Travel Kit

Shave & Bath Travel Kit


Shaving Cream

  • Take a dollop of cream in your hand.
  • Lather using the brush with gentle circular motions, and apply.

Double Edge Razor

  • Hold your razor at about 30 degrees to the surface of your skin.
  • Take short, downward strokes with the grain.
  • Flip the razor to shave with the other edge of the blade.

Refreshing Bath Soap

  • Use the exfoliating side of the soap twice a week
  • After use, store in a cool, dry place.


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