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Protects against post-shave irritation

  • The very first foam to use Aloe Vera, Oats and Olive Oil which not only gives it the distinctive colour but also protects against post-shave irritation.
  • Eliminates razor burns, nicks & cuts, and protects against post-shave irritation with the Pro-Defence *TechnologyTM.
  • Oats help with reducing itching and inflammation while Olive Oil moisturises and conditions the skin.
  • Aloe Vera and Chamomile extracts have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to leave your skin feeling soft and healthy.
  • The soothing quality of Menthol makes for a cool, refreshing after-effect.
  • The signature Ultra Crème FormulaTM makes for a 2X creamier shaving experience.
  • Alcohol, SLES, and Paraben free. No CFCs.

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Kartik Aaryan's Choice for No Post-Shave Irritation

Say goodbye to post-shave irritation the Kartik Aaryan way with the refreshing after-effect of the Sensitive Shaving Foam brought by the presence of soothing aloe vera & calming olive oil.

Spread the NEWS, No More Morning Blues

No one wants to begin the day on low energy; elevate your mornings using our range of shaving foams with colours that pop and ingredients that revitalize. Redefine your morning shaves with our Colourful Shaving Foams and say goodbye to morning blues.


ALOE VERA The goodness of Aloe Vera adds moisturising & anti-inflammatory properties to your daily shave.

OATS Oats reduce itching and inflammation while also healing and soothing the skin.

OLIVE OIL Olive Oil moisturises and conditions the skin.


  • ALCOHOL-FREE: Our Alcohol-free foam keeps your skin hydrated, reducing the chances of rashes and razor burn.
  • NO CFCsOur foam contains no CFCs and comes in an environment-friendly, recyclable metal container.
  • SLES AND PARABEN FREE: Our SLES and Paraben free formula ensures that no harsh chemicals come in contact with your skin.

Additional Features

Our Pro-Defence TechnologyTM amalgamates with our signature Ultra Crème FormulaTM to offer you the finest shave, while the ingredients come together to make your shaving experience extra-ordinary.


APPLY Break the safety seal before use* Shake well and hold the can upright. Press down on the nozzle to release the foam. Apply to the wet area you wish to shave.

SHAVE Ensure that the shaving foam is applied evenly on your face. Take short downward strokes with the grain, i.e., the same direction your hair grows.

RINSE Rinse the remaining foam off your face thoroughly. Make sure to pat dry your face with a soft cloth to reveal a clean, refreshed skin.


THOUGHTFULLY SOURCED Our ingredients are handpicked and carefully formulated into a product that promises to deliver superlative results.

WE ADDED MORE JOY From texture, to aroma, ease of application, and overall feel - immerse yourself in a grooming experience like no other.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED We strive to go above and beyond along every step of your journey with us to ensure complete satisfaction.

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