3-Step Shaving Regimen

Shaving Essentials

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Exfoliates, lathers and restores

  • Smoother, softer and healthier skin.
  • Works magically for all skin types.
  • A complete shaving essentials' kit for a comfortable, close and joyous shave like never before.
  • Designed to elevate your daily shave

Includes: Pre-Shave Scrub (100 gms), Shaving Cream (100 gms), Post-Shave Balm (100 gms), Imitation Badger Hair Brush and Shave Dab.

Variant: 3-Step Shaving Regimen
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The 3-Step Shaving Regimen

An immersive experience curated to pamper and indulge yourself, and forget about the world for a little while. A perfect way to prep your look and your mind for whatever lies ahead. Meticulously designed to take the monotony out of your shave, the scrub refreshes you, the brush and cream lather and moisturise, and the post- shave balm takes the sting out of the shave. All you need is something to shave with.

An Effortless Shaving Experience

This is a wonderful addition to your extravagant shave-care routine. The Pre-Shave Scrub prepares your skin, the Shaving Cream moiturises your facial hair follicles for an easy shave while the brush gently lathers. To give it a sweet end, the Post-Shave Balm restores your skin while taking the sting out of your shave. We say it's a win-win.


Pre-Shave Scrub To leave your skin and hair dirt-free, moisturised and soft.

Shaving Cream To hold enough water to whip up a rich, moisturising lather.

Post-Shave Balm An alcohol-free, anti-irritant balm that cools and soothes skin on contact.


THOUGHTFULLY SOURCED Our ingredients are handpicked and carefully formulated into a product that promises to deliver superlative results.

WE ADDED MORE JOY From texture, to aroma, ease of application, and overall feel - immerse yourself in a grooming experience like no other.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED We strive to go above and beyond along every step of your journey with us to ensure complete satisfaction.



Yes. To enjoy a great shave it’s important to prepare your skin well for it. We found, through our research, that using a brush and shaving cream performed better than using foam or gel. Our brush is soft and is intended is to make your facial hair ready for shave. Try it out, you'll notice the difference.
Yes, the blades are recyclable. The back face of the blade pack provides you with a place to safely dispose of your used blades. If possible, please put used blades in the recyclable section of your disposed trash. To know more about recycling, please check this link
We recommend that you do. There is merit in going through the whole regimen as each step plays a critical role in delivering the finest shaving experience. However, it’s up to your personal preference.
Please take 2 dollops in one hand and hold the bombay shaving brush in the other. It is recommended to soak the brush in warm water prior to shaving. Lather the cream in your palm with the brush using gentle circular motions. Apply to your face using circular strokes for 2-3 minutes till the shaving area is properly covered with foam.
Yes, but be careful and use a mirror.
No, they're not tested on animals.
Yes, it does. Be careful with the single blade, though. It might take a little getting used to. For those of you with sensitive skin, we recommend that you first try a test patch with the Pre-Shave Scrub as it contains black sand particles that might irritate the skin.

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