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Everything You Should Know About Full Body Trimmer Attachments

Everything You Should Know About Full Body Trimmer Attachments

A trimmer is one of the most popular gadgets that almost every guy owns today. When we asked a bunch of young men what they used their trimmers for, a whopping 80% of them named two spots on their body – beard and the pubic region. 65% of people admitted that they also use it to, sometimes, remove hair from their underarms, and only a brave 13% confessed that they use the same trimmer on all these three parts. This little activity, conducted on a controlled group of 37 men in the capital, is an interesting case study on the use case on different parts of the body and gives us a curious insight into people’s perception of a trimmer. 

So, it’s clearly established that more and more people are interested in moving beyond just the beard when it comes to hair removal. If you like to do multiple things with your trimmer too, we have an entire breakdown of trimmer attachments that can help you do justice to each part you’re aiming for. 

Note: Never use your Beard Trimmer on your sensitive areas. It’s unhygienic and unsafe. 


  1. Hair Clipper Head

  2. Beard Trimming Head

  3. Shaving Head

  4. Body Trimming Head

  5. Nose and Ears Trimming Head 

Every part of your body that hosts any amount of hair, has unique hair follicles underneath. This leads to a very different type of hair growing out of them. That’s why you’ll see the hair on your head is different from your beard, your chest and your pubic region. This is because of the skin in these areas, which is equally diverse. With so much diversity you SHOULD NOT BE USING THE SAME HAIR REMOVAL TOOL ON ALL PARTS. PERIOD.

A full body trimmer empowers you to use the right attachment meant for the specific body part. This makes the whole process of trimming the hair smooth, easy and safe.


Full Body Trimmer Clipper Head

  • A clipper head has a T-shaped broad design, which makes it an ideal choice to trim larger surface areas, like your head and beard easily.

  • You can add a comb on it to control the length of your hair or style your beard.

Use this head to style your hair and beard. A clipper head has a T-shape blade. It is considered to be the best type of blade for trimming large areas quickly. With this, you can easily create sharp edges and shape your beard better. So remember when planning to maintain a clean and sharp look with minimal effort, clipper head is your call.

Parts You Can Trim: Beard and Hair


Full Body Trimmer Precision Head

  • A precision head has a standard design that is neither too narrow nor too broad. It helps you avoid accidental over-trimming.

  • It gives you complete control over how much you trim, so it’s perfect for creating lines in your beard.

A Precision head comes in handy when you want to maintain and fine the shape of your beard. If you happen to keep a medium to long beard, you can use the PRECISION HEAD, particularly for shaping, edging as well and tidying up hairlines.

Parts You Can Trim: Beard Lines, Sidelocks, Cheek Hair and Neckline


Full Body Trimmer Shaver Head

  • A shaver head has a foil-like design with several holes in it which shaves your hair as neatly as possible.

  • The blades of a SHAVER HEAD do not directly touch your skin, making it safe on your skin.

As soon as you're done styling your beard, next up is to look for those spots where you don't want any traces of hair. Use the SHAVER HEAD to remove all the unwanted hair for a clean and even-looking beard. 

Here is how a shaver head works. Its foil-shaped design helps capture hair in its tiny holes and cut it close to the skin without any skin irritation. If you plan to keep an ultra-clean look, this is something you should definitely consider.

Parts You Can Trim: Beard, Cheeks and Neck


Nose and Ear Head

  • A Nose and Ear Head has a circular design with blades covered in a layer, designed to protect your skin.

  • It has slits on the outer layer that allow longer hair to enter the head, making sure no hair is left untrimmed.

Plucking your ear hair and nose hair hurts, and doing this repetitively can increase your chances of in-grown hair? A Nose and Ear Head comes in handy to remove those unwanted strands of hair from your nose and ears. It has a circular design that makes it an ideal choice to trim hair around small and hard-to-reach places. It can trim the places where your scissors can’t reach (safely). In other words, if you want to trim your nose hair and on the ears safely, precisely, and painlessly, use a trimmer with nose & ear head, without any tugs and pulls.

Parts You Can Trim: Nose and Ears


Body Hair Head

There are several methods to remove unwanted body hair. Some consume too much time while some are painful like waxing, and we were like, why? Why take so much pain over and over again? So, the solution to this is to get a Full Body Trimmer with a body head for a quick, painless, convenient, and totally safe manscaping experience. Use this head to remove unwanted hair around your chest, armpits, and pubic region safely.

Parts You Can Trim: Chest, Armpits, and Pubic Region


Full Body Trimmer Attachment Rotary Comb

Trimmer combs help you style your beard the way you want. Whatever style you want, get it in a click. That famous tapered look, a gradual fade, or a 5 o’clock stubble. Just grab your trimmer, mount your comb, and style your beard exactly the way you want. But the bigger question is to get these styles, you need to understand the numbers in your trimmer combs. Once you have an idea of that, you’re all set to let your creativity flow. Use 1.5 MM - 5 MM to style and maintain a medium stubble. But, if you have different plans and want to keep it long, then style your beard with a comb not less than 8 MM


To sum it up, the different attachments that come along with your full body trimmer that are dedicatedly designed for the different parts of your body. You must not use them interchangeably for best results. All these make removing body hair extremely easy. They are versatile and just one change in the attachment helps you trim the hair around the different parts of your body effortlessly. Get a Full Body Trimmer with Multiple Attachments today.

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