Ultimate Beard Grooming Combo - 4 in 1

With Philips Beard Trimmer BT1213

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End-to-end care for your facial hair

  • The leaders of grooming have come together to deliver impeccable beards. We in collaboration with Philips bring you the ultimate beard grooming tools.
  • Cleanse with the Beard Shampoo & Conditioner that will leave your beard dirt-free while hydrating to help retain essential moisture.
  • Trim with the Philips Beard Trimmer BT1213 that ensures even shave, while the self-sharpening stainless steel blades trim consistently.
  • Nourish with our Beard Oil (Cedarwood) is a nourishing oild that'll leave you beard smooth & shiny.
  • Lastly, style with our Moustache Wax that'll keep your beard looking shiny and impeccably groomed.
  • Our formulations are SLS & Paraben free and promise a deep cleanse without leaving your hair dry and brittle.
  • The trimmer can also be charged with a micro-USB cable and runs for up to 30 minutes; it comes with a travel-friendly pouch, 3 stubble & beard combs and a 3-year warranty.

Includes: Philips Beard Trimmer BT1213, Beard Oil (Cedarwood- 30 ml), Moustache Wax (Wood-scented- 50 gms) & Beard Shampoo & Conditioner (Wood-scented - 100 ml)

Limited Edition Combos

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For complete care of your facial hair

As anyone who’s tried to grow a beard will know, great facial hair takes work. Whether you’re trying for a full face of facial hair or any acceptable length, you’ll need excellent tools. It’s essential to groom the thing into shape with the right beard shampoo, beard oil, moustache wax and a trimmer that will deliver an even shave.

Where Innovation Meets Care

Bombay Shaving Company and Philips have one thing in common- grooming. With this collaboration, we're determined to bring to you tools fit for impeccable beard grooming & styling. Whether you’re curating a deluxe five o’clock shadow or something that screams Virat Kohli, you’ll need a good beard trimmer.


Cleanse Wash off your beard with the Beard Shampoo & Conditioner.

Trim Use the trimmer to evenly cut the excessive hair and style your beard.

Style After the trim, use the Beard Oil to nourish & Moustache Wax to style your beard.


THOUGHTFULLY SOURCED Our ingredients are handpicked and carefully formulated into a product that promises to deliver superlative results.

WE ADDED MORE JOY From texture, to aroma, ease of application, and overall feel - immerse yourself in a grooming experience like no other.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED We strive to go above and beyond along every step of your journey with us to ensure complete satisfaction.


Once you've grown out your beard for a few months, here are some tips to guide you to a consistent, thick, healthy beard: Figure out the right beard regimen for you: Use a growth oil with natural ingredients, moisturising shampoo and conditioner, softening beard butter, nourishment oils etc. Be regular and caring.

Eat right: Have foods rich in iron, biotin and zinc. Spinach, oysters, eggs, liver, cinnamon, sweet potatoes are some of the foods that will promote healthy beard hair.

Exercise: Resistance training is shown to increase DHT levels. So, hit those dumbbells and try to hit a body fat percentage between 10-15% for ideal DHT levels.

Sleep well: 8 hours of sleep every night helps regulate DHT levels and ensures you're healthy. A healthy body equals a healthy beard.
Skin-friendly blades for smooth skin. Blades have rounded tips for smooth contact with skin to prevent scratching and irritation.
2 year guarantee, worldwide voltage, no oil needed. We back this Philips trimmer with a 2-year guarantee: our grooming products are built to last. You'll never need to oil it, and it’s compatible with all worldwide voltages.

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