Stubble Oil


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Softens and soothes

Our Stubble Oil is light, non-greasy and the ideal daily companion for your light beard/stubble or moustache. Relieve itchiness while growing and maintaining your beard by keeping your skin and facial hair well-hydrated, looking soft and feeling healthy.

Contains Coconut Oil, Pumpkin seed oil, Macadamia nut Oil, Cedarwood oil and Argan Oil.

Signature blend of rich, woody notes: Sandalwood, Amber and Musk.

Net Volume: 45 ml

Scent: Cedarwood


STEP 1 Spray desired amount

STEP 2 Apply evenly into facial hair and skin 

STEP 3 Enjoy soft, fragrant stubble all-day

Stubble Oil


Grow: Retain natural oils that help you grow your beard

  • Gently massage the desired amount of the Beard Growth Oil into facial hair and skin

Cleanse: Remove impurities to freshen up your fuzz

  • Rub the Beard Shampoo & Conditioner into your beard, work into a lather, rinse with warm water, and dry

Nourish: Keep your beard safe and healthy all day

  • Apply the Stubble Oil evenly onto facial hair and skin for relief from itchiness and dry, brittle hair
  • Gently massage a small amount of the Beard Serum into your beard to detangle and treat frizzy hair
  • Apply the Beard Butter to your beard working evenly from root to tip to help settle and style your beard

Style: Get in shape for special occasions

  • Work a small amount of the Moustache Wax into your facial hair. Use your fingers or a comb to achieve the desired shape

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