Understanding Exfoliating Soaps

Exfoliation refers to the removal of dead skin cells, debris and excess oil from the surface of your skin to expose the healthier, newer layer of skin underneath.

Different skin types require different levels of care and exfoliation. For people with oily or acne prone skin exfoliation helps prevent a myriad of skin care issues such as acne, bumps and blemishes. It essentially removes the basic food source for bacteria and fungus that cause these issues.

For people with dry skin, removing dirt and dead skin cells also helps unclog your pores and expose the hair follicles on your face. This allows other skin care products such as moisturisers, shaving cream and even sun-screen do a better job at preventing fine lines and ingrown hairs and promoting even skin tones.


Our Exfoliating Soap Range is designed keeping different skin types and their needs in mind. Poppy seeds and coffee granules are moderate exfoliants chosen specifically for normal skin types while oatmeal and coconut husk are mild exfoliants for more sensitive skin types. Each of our soaps is carefully crafted with the finest natural ingredients to provide your skin with the nutrition it needs.

Refreshing Bath Soap


For all skin types | Menthol and Poppy seeds
A Menthol-based exfoliating soap that refreshes and moisturises your skin. Poppy seeds help exfoliate dead skin cells while the menthol works to soothe itchiness, redness and sunburn. Poppy seeds: Great on your morning bagel and for your complexion.
Oil Control Bath Soap


For oily / acne-prone skin | Tea tree extracts and Oatmeal
Restore your skin’s natural oil balance with this Oatmeal and Tea tree oil infused exfoliating soap. Oatmeal is a natural exfoliator with a gentle moiturising effect that is perfect for oily and acne prone skin.
Deep Cleansing Bath Soap


For all skin types | Charcoal and Coffee granules
Removes dirt and debris from your pores leaving you squeaky clean. Coffee granules gently exfoliate resulting in firmer, less dimpled skin. Coffee: Stimulates the mind, body and soul
Moisturising Bath Soap


For dry / normal skin | Shea Butter and Coconut husk
A nourishing and exfoliating Shea butter soap to pamper your dry skin. Coconut husk exfoliates and removes blackheads while unclogging pores for soft and healthy skin. Coconut: The perfect companion to your morning granola and your skin.



We care about your needs. Everything we create, from a complete shaving regimen to a simple bath soap, is designed keeping you in mind.

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