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Welcome to Bombay Shaving Company, a brand that has revolutionized grooming for men. With a wide range of product categories including shaving, trimming, skincare, perfumes, bath care, and hair care products, we strive to offer the best grooming experience to our customers. Our products are designed to provide a comfortable and luxurious grooming experience, leaving you wanting more with every use. Here, take a closer look at who we are, our founder, the products and services we offer, and why our products stand out from the competition.

Who we are

Founded in 2016, Bombay Shaving Company is a premium men's grooming brand that offers high-quality products to customers across India. Our mission is to help men feel confident and look their best by providing them with the best grooming products available. We believe that grooming is not just a routine but an experience, and we strive to make it an enjoyable one for our customers. Buy the best men’s grooming products online from here and give your loved one or yourself a chance at enjoying men’s beauty products!

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Our founder

Shantanu Deshpande, the founder of Bombay Shaving Company, started the company with the idea of revolutionizing the way men approach grooming. He realized that there was a gap in the market for high-quality men's grooming products, and he set out to fill that gap. Shantanu had the vision to revolutionize the men's grooming industry in India, and we are proud to say that we are fulfilling that vision. Our products are made with love and care, and we strive to create a positive impact on our customer's lives.

Buy Men’s Hair Care Products

Hair care is an essential aspect for men today. Firstly, well-groomed hair helps create a positive first impression and contributes to a well-put appearance. Secondly, regular hair care helps maintain the hair-health and quality too. It involves using the right products according to one's hair type, washing and conditioning them regularly, and avoiding damaging practices such as over-styling, using harsh chemicals, or excessive heat exposure. Thirdly and most importantly, caring for one's hair positively impacts their mood, confidence, and overall well-being. We offer a wide range of best-in-class men’s hair care products designed to cater to every man's hair care needs. Our range of hair care products for men includes hair growth oil, anti-greying hair oil, anti-hair fall oil and more. For every hair problem, we have a solution. If you want end-to-end care for your hair, our complete hair nourishment kit is the way to go. While if you want to both- style your hair and nourish them, we have our Fenugreek and Flaxseed Hair Wax for you. We also have a hair growth booster kit that includes our best-seller onion and egg hair mask to let you experience the best hair care

Buy Men’s Beard Care Products

A well-groomed and well-nourished beard enhances a man's appearance, adds a touch of masculinity and elevates his style. A healthy and stylish beard also makes a man feel more confident and attractive, creating a positive first impression and an impactful professional appearance. Moreover, effective beard care also helps maintain the health of the skin underneath. If not properly cleaned and moisturized, the skin under the beard can become dry, itchy, and even infected. Regular beard care, including washing and conditioning, helps prevent such issues and keeps both - your beard and the skin well-nourished. To make beard care a bliss Bombay Shaving Company has curated a selection of the best beard care products for men in one place. From beard styling to beard nourishment, we have it all. And, the best is that our premium beard care products are both - affordable and free from harsh chemicals. Our best-selling beard care products include Beard Growth Oil, Beard Color, and Beard Shampoo & Conditioner. With highly effective formulations and premium quality products, we ensure you always take the best care of your beard.

Buy Men’s Skin Care Products

Skin care is essential for both men and women for innumerable reasons. It is the body's largest organ and serves as the first line of defense against environmental factors such as pollution, UV radiation, and harsh weather conditions. Effective skin care products and regular skincare practice can help protect the skin from damage, nourish it, and give you a radiant glow. Men's skin tends to be thicker and oilier than women's, making it more prone to acne, blackheads, and other skin conditions. Practicing skin care regularly, including cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating, can help prevent these issues and give you clear and healthy skin. Skincare also helps reduce the signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. Moreover, when someone feels good about their appearance, it boosts their self-confidence and positively impacts their mind. So to let men also flaunt healthy, clear and glowing skin, we bring you the most sought-after collection of skincare products for men in India. Our skin care products for men online are supercharged with natural ingredients. Get a fresh and energized look every morning with our Coffee Facewash for men, or if you're tired of dirt and pollution, let our Charcoal Facewash for men help you. You can also gift our Charcoal Facial Starter Kit or Coffee Facial Starter Kit to your loved ones and make them too fall in love with the joy of skincare.

Buy Men’s Shaving Products

Shaving has been an integral ritual of every man’s life since the beginning. High-quality shaving products for men not only help them achieve the perfect shave but also help them flaunt their confident selves. Over the last few years, shaving has evolved not only as a chore but as an experience that most men find joy in. With our thoughtfully crafted premium shaving products, we have been transforming the way men shave. From best-in-class Precision Safety Razors and blades to a wide range of super-rich Shaving Foams, we offer the best shaving products for men in India to revive the charm of shaving and help them achieve a perfectly clean and close shave. While most people only know razors and shaving creams when it comes to shaving products for men, we offer you a host of premium pre-shave and post-shave products to give you a complete shaving regimen and to ensure that you always have a smooth experience throughout. Our Post-Shave Balm is a one-of-a-kind product that saves you from the post-shave burning sensation and instead makes it a soothing experience. Shop from our premium collection of razors, shaving foams and shaving kits for men, and always flaunt sharp and clean looks.

Buy Men’s Trimmers

In modern times, trimming facial hair is the go-to grooming solution for every man. Whether you are maintaining a full beard, a stylish goatee, or simply need to trim down stubble, a good trimmer is an essential tool to have in your arsenal. The right trimmer, with its convenience and styling freedom can make a world of difference in your overall appearance, and we have an excellent range of trimmers that can help you with exactly that. Designed with the latest technology, our range of professional trimmers are built to provide a smooth and precise cut, leaving you with a perfectly groomed look every time. We offer a range of trimmers with varying features to cater to the different needs of men. Whether our Signature Grey Trimmer or our OG Trimmer for Men, each trimmer features a unique blade system that can trim hair as close as 0.5mm, making it perfect for achieving a clean-shaven look. Additionally, these trimmers for men are equipped with a powerful battery that can run for up to 90 minutes, allowing for multiple grooming sessions without the need for constant recharging. Apart from beard trimming, we also have been man’s go-to option for pubic hair trimming with our newest launch Landscaper 2.0, the safest and the most convenient trimmer to help you get rid of pubic hair. We are committed to providing our customers with the best grooming products. Shop our Men's Trimmers Collection today and experience the difference.

Buy Men’s Bath Care Products

Whether women or men, each of us needs to prioritise personal hygiene and self-care, including our bath care routine. Whether it's starting the day with a refreshing shower or winding down with a relaxing bath, taking care of our skin and hair can have a significant impact on our physical and mental well-being We understand the importance of a good bath care routine, and that is why we offer a wide range of high-quality bath care products designed specifically for men. From invigorating body washes to nourishing soaps, our bath care products are formulated to address the unique needs of men's skin and hair. Our bath care products for men are enriched with natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, charcoal, and peppermint that help to cleanse and refresh the skin. Our deep clean bath care combo has been specially curated for people who want to deeply cleanse their skin with the benefits of activated charcoal, and keep dirt and grime far away from their skin. So, if you're looking for high-quality, effective bath care products designed specifically for men, look no further. Browse our range of products today and start taking care of yourself the right way.

Buy Men’s Fragrances

When it comes to grooming, fragrances play a crucial role in leaving a lasting impression. A fragrance can be a powerful tool to make a statement about your style and personality. The right scent can make a man feel confident and attract attention and that is what Bombay Shaving Company’s perfumes, deodorants, and body sprays for men intend to do. We offer a wide range of men's fragrances that are designed to provide you with long-lasting freshness and a captivating scent. From perfumes that offer a luxurious and refined fragrance to deodorants that keep you feeling cool and dry, we have something for everyone. Our range of perfumes for men has both - bold notes of bergamot, cedarwood, patchouli, and refreshing notes of lemon, lavender, and amber. This diversity of options allows us to cater to fragrance related needs of every man. Moreover, we also offer a range of deodorants and body sprays for men. Our deodorants are designed to provide long-lasting protection against sweat and odour, while our body sprays offer a refreshing and invigorating fragrance that lasts all day long. We also have a selection of perfume gift kits for men, designed specially to provide a luxurious and sophisticated fragrance experience. So whether you are a wife finding the perfect gift for your husband or a guy finding the right gift for his best friend, perfume gift kits and deodorant combos will never disappoint you.

Why buy from Bombay Shaving Company

We are committed to providing our customers with the best grooming experience possible. Our products are made from natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin making them suitable for every skin type. Our wide range of shaving, beard care, skincare, and hair care products are designed to cater to all grooming needs of every Indian man. We believe grooming is not just a routine but an experience, and we strive to make it enjoyable for our customers. We provide the best grooming accessories for men that help you live a healthy life and boost your morale, giving you the confidence you always wanted. Grooming products from Bombay Shaving Company are crafted with love and care and are chemical-free unlike other low-quality products available in the market. Our products don’t have harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens in them. We are also committed to being a cruelty-free brand. We don't harm animals in the manufacturing of our products, and we do not conduct any animal testing. We believe that we can create great products without causing harm to animals or the environment, and we are proud to stand by this principle. Shop today from us and give yourself or your loved ones a chance to experience the best grooming products for men in India. Buy our best grooming products for men online and get them delivered to any part of India. We look forward to being your grooming partner in your journey.